Manila Standard Today - Cheating for Leni?

31 January 2018

By Emil Jurado | Manila Standard Today 

With all the revelations from the camp of former senator Ferdinand Marcos that the Liberal Party engaged in massive cheating during the 2016 elections to get Vice President Leni Robredo elected, I recall a statement from an insider of the Aquino camp that “something had to be done” to make Leni win.

This was at a point when the votes kept on coming for Marcos and Robredo was far, far behind.

I was told by the insider that Aquino summoned them to Malacañang. And while my source never told me what was discussed there, it was apparently enough to make Robredo overtake Marcos. I then called my source to congratulate him.

I knew that the Liberals would feel compelled to “do something” to make Robredo win if their presidential candidate, Manuel Roxas II, did not win.

The Yellows tried their best to make him win, but the 1.6-million margin of Rodrigo Duterte was just too big to overcome.

As for Roxas placing second to Duterte, I, like many others wondered how that happened since survey after survey said he would have to settle for fourth place. He overtook Grace Poe and Jejomar Binay—a miracle!

Now everything seems to point to the likelihood that the Yellows, together with their cabal at the Commission on Elections and Smartmatic, cheated for Robredo and tried to cheat for Roxas.

The Marcos camp has found many pieces of evidence of poll fraud in Camarines Sur and Negros Oriental after they secured soft copies of ballot images from the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

In some of the images, even when two or more candidates were shaded in the vice presidential race, the votes still went to Robredo instead of being counted as “overvote.”

My gulay, there were also some ballots for Bongbong that were not counted and were regarded as undervotes. This explains why undervotes for the vice presidency went up to as many as three million. Robredo’s margin over Bongbong was 263,472 votes.

Ballot images were square instead of oval which voters shaded for their choice for that particular choice.

When will the PET end this protest and decide, once and for all, who the duly elected vice president is?

I have seen decisions on protests being handed down with only a few days or months before the next election comes. This is the biggest injustice of all!

In the case of Bongbong, I pray he does not wait too long. There are ifs and buts in his case, with no less than Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa, former classmate of President Benigno Aquino III, as the ponente of the would-be decision on the protest.

Because of this, many things can still happen.