Manila Standard Today - Bautista’s only choice

30 August 2017

By Emil Jurado | Manila Standard Today 

I don’t know what’s in the mind of Commission on Elections Chairman Andres Bautista. He is now having marital woes such that his wife Patricia has accused him of amassing more than P1 billion in unexplained wealth, among other things.

If he does not tale a leave of absence or resign as his fellow Comelec commissioners are asking him to do, then he will have to face trial at the Senate once he is impeached by the House of Representatives.

That would be a circus, all right!

Trial at the Senate is a purely political exercise. Patricia can even be called to testify against him since the Rules of Court prohibiting spouses from testifying against each other would not apply to impeachment cases.

Andy was the classmate of my son Eric. I would advise him to heed what the other Comelec commissioners want him to do: Take a leave, or resign. And then he would have his day in court.

A very public impeachment trial would be bloody for him. I would not want anybody to go through what the former chief of the Supreme Court did. Renato Corona died a broken man, my gulay!

As it is, Bautista is already a useless entity at the Comelec. He may have supporters there, but he can no longer function as the commission’s chairman, its leader.

Resigning would be for his own good.

There is much at stake here. Already there are questions as to whether the integrity of the 2016 elections may have been compromised. Elections are the bedrock of our democracy.