Manila Standard - Robredo should be kicked out: Part I

12 September 2020

By Rod Kapunan| Manila Standard

"It’s succession by accidental death."

Leni Robredo’s route to national politics is by windfall after the death of her husband. What happened to Noynoy’s cabinet member Jesse Robredo on August 19, 2012 was an unwanted accident which the opposition wasted no time to exploit. Jesse Robredo’s death instantly became the most coveted price that could pave the way for the widow to capture political power.

In the tradition of cashing in on the grief for the bereaved, political hustlers have to convert the occasion to politically advance in what is termed as “stiff game of power competition.” Perhaps, this is the only country where the remains of the dead are made into political capital, not for his idealism or patriotism, but to bequeath the grotesque practice of political succession.

Leni’s ascent to power was a macabre way of exploiting misplaced public adulation. Immediately, the widow was fielded as the Liberal Party’s candidate in the 2013 election for the third district of Camarines Sur which includes Naga city where her husband served as mayor.

Mar Roxas chose her as running mate to capture additional votes. It was not her qualification why she was taken in but a plain gimmick to people whom the opposition treats as politically dumb. Besides, she stands to galvanize the political brokers who see her as one who talks more of the heavenly platitudes than of the hard realities of life.

In that capacity, Robredo was elected congresswoman with no visible and distinctive achievement except being the widow of the mayor. It was expected that by 2016, she would be chosen as the running mate by a candidate bruited to lose in that presidential election. Like the widow of the slain opposition they catapulted as redeemer of our freedom and democracy, Robredo was picked, knowing that politics in this country is more of a big joke than a serious business. Succession by accidental death is more than enough to enthrone her to power.

With Christian Filipinos having an utterly mangled moral fiber, it is easy for a demagogue to castigate the Duterte administration conveniently forgetting she once served as congresswoman whom one can rightly classify as a political loafer whose vision is honed to disparage her political enemies.

The yellow horde truly capitalized the orgy generated by the fanfare of mortuary service to turn it to a political circus. That circumstance landed her as phony vice president.

The election of Duterte threatened the political ideology firmed up by US imperialism. The decision to field Robredo was not based on her qualification but as stopgap to save a crumbling empire and its local vested interest class. It is for this reason why the Filipino people now demand that she be kicked out of office. She is not entitled to impeachment because that belongs to one duly elected by the people or has violated any of the specific impeachable offenses.

Alas, she can no longer invoke the constitutional provision because it is clear that those justices are making a travesty of our Constitution. Others even suspect they are unwittingly serving as her counsel, not to release it until such time that their decision shall have become stale or in Latin, has become functus officio.

The refusal of those justices appointed by that abominable predecessor of the President to come out with a decision has now ripened to evidence of electoral fraud. The justices are openly making a mockery out of our judicial system. Their malicious delay is creating political instability coupled by the unfounded rumor that the President is sick.

People clearly see the agenda of this demagogue which is to overthrow the government by taking advantage of the constitutional process earned by her cheated title and to persistently discredit the legitimately elected President.

Without the President knowing it, had Bong Bong Marcos not filed a petition for a recount, the political enemies of Duterte led by the US imperialist, the Church, the oligarchy and the new accomplice of the CIA led by the terroristic left, they could have started rocking the boat by accusing him of committing electoral fraud like what they did to oust Marcos and many leaders they targeted for regime change.

The petition filed by Bong Bong against the phony vice president pre-empted them from using that alibi against the President. The opposition was placed on the defensive and the two justices namely Marvic Leonen and Diosdado Peralta are now desperately serving as her legal muggers.

This demagogue would always make it a point to slant and distort every issue to assure her American handlers that the President would only bequeath hatred as legacy to the Filipino people. The latest of her antics is to discredit the project to beautify Manila Bay.

This phony vice president should be reminded that after Cory, nothing has been done to clean Manila Bay of filth. Today, the government is not only cleaning the bay but is carrying out an unprecedented rehabilitation. The government took the initiative by putting white sand (dolomite) on the whole stretch of Roxas Boulevard to encourage people to promenade and also for them to take a dip if they wish.

Seeing that the project could boost the image of the administration, the charlatan wasted no time to come out with her barrage of cynicism forgetting that the demagogue was in effect attacking her political handlers who, for years, did nothing except to throw waste and dump toxic materials to the bay, and in parcelling the reclaimed land to their chosen cronies.

According to her, the government is ‘insensitive’ when it cannot even provide financial aid to the poorest families. She cited that the country (not to mention the world) is now reeling the effect of pandemic. If the government is to take her suggestion that accordingly it would be a waste of money, then what will it do?

As usual, she cited her cosmetic projects like the giving of P5,000 to the poorest families who are having economic difficulties because of the lockdown. Would it suffice to accommodate all except to propagandize that she is doing something more than what this government is doing?

This demagogue has completely derailed her perception of the government that she does not know why she ran for public office. She cannot even reconcile why, despite the massive electoral fraud, she enjoys the presumption of honesty and continues to don the title of bogus vice president and enjoys the perks and privileges of her office.

Her foremost duty is to resolve the doubt that hangs above her head, and not to castigate projects she does not even understand. The public cannot wait for the malicious procrastination of those justices. Most important, if the term of the President ends without those justices coming out with their balderdash decision, the demagogue will be shouting to the whole world that she won, and worse, the people can no longer accuse her of electoral fraud.

All her political handlers, especially the US, will be shouting to high heavens that the next President is their confirmed puppet in the likes of Juan Guido of Venezuela. Her running will be presented as a triumphant return to democracy done by her stunt of politically swindling the Filipino people. After all, gullible Filipinos are easily swayed by the bandwagon effect carried out by her handlers exploiting them to the hilt.