Manila Standard - Resolve the issue of political vandalism

10 August 2018

By Rod Kapunan | Manila Standard

Part II

The infraction committed by Smartmatic and those who cooperated in the commission of the most outrageous act of political vandalism is not really in determining who won in the election in 2016, but that it cast doubt on our ability to hold a clean, honest and fair election. It is the system that was destroyed. We must not forget that our much hooted democracy is anchored on our ability to hold an election. If we fail in safeguarding our ballots, then we might as well say adios to it.

For this, most of our senators seeking reelection and congressmen appear to be meek, not saying anything that would tarnish the credibility of Smartmatic or much more accuse it as the operator of this big cheating machine for fear of being singled out. Thus, we now bow to this machinery installed by the Liberal Party and yellow ideologue to supposedly safeguard our electoral process. In the dirty language of the gangsters, our politicians all lick the a*s of Smartmatic if only to be assured of being reelected or included in the so-called winning circle.

Candidates no longer campaign to secure the votes of the people, but use them as props while the cheating machine does the rest to make official their alleged victory. This can be gleaned from the fact that many of those elected are known for their subservience to the policies that seek to perpetuate the enslavement of the country to a foreign power. Our people are no longer surprised to find out that professed lackeys of the neoliberals, a new species of global imperialism, win. Even from among the so-called sober and “objective” observers tend to vouch that those who won represent the popular will of the people.

Those who oppose are regarded as cynics, political fringe or hardcore anti-establishment whose views should not be taken into account because they do not represent the rational view. They say, the months and weeks before the election, their confederate in this business of deluding our people have already been spreading lies through their equally controlled mainstream media that their candidate is likely to win.

To support their lies, they present their statistical surveys either based on age, sex, region or economic bracket, which ordinary people would have no way to verify how they managed to obtain such data, that this lackey is likely to win. Survey outfits such as Pulse Asia, Social Weather Stations, etc. serve as mind conditioners that this or that candidate will win.

Such announcement carries two implications. First, they help the undecided voters to decide and vote for these candidates which the survey outfit pointed to as likely to win. There is that tendency for the undecided voter to vote for the suggested winners to prevent their ballots from going to waste.

Second, should the undecided voters vote for the candidates suggested by SWS and Pulse Asia, this now affirms their survey as speaking of the truth. It is now far more difficult to question the result because never has there been an instance where poll surveys came out with prosaic prediction from that was made by Smartmatic. Hence, Smartmatic merely validates the result of the election survey.

Even before the official tabulated result is released by this foreign-operated counting machine, their so-called volunteer organization to assist the Comelec in defrauding our people has already came out with their so-called “advance” election results. The role of this Church-organized civic organization, which is a non-taxpaying organization, is to affirm the result made by Smartmatic.

The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting or PPCRV, which is insulting to Filipinos, is the only accredited civic organization that dishes out advance election results. Its job is to lessen the impact that should there be questions why a certain candidate obtained that much number of the votes, Smartmatic can always say that the figure is, more or less, similar to the partial result made by PPCRV, and the winners were predicted by SWS and Pulse Asia.

In the end, a protestee will appear like a fool for he is the only one or represents a tiny fraction of those who disagree with the result. The great majority that avoid the trouble for lack of patriotism would blindly agree, not knowing that the whole electoral exercise was a grand conspiracy carried out by the yellow government to teach us how we should exercise our sovereign right to hold an election.

It is now the credibility of the election and not the facts that actually happened they are trying to sanitize. Their mantra is to present that we have a generally peaceful, orderly and honest election, thereby effectively marginalizing and isolating the cynics. They are unaware that the poll survey and the advance tabulators were part of the grand conspiracy to assist the Liberal Party and its allies made up of the oligarchs, the traditional politicians, the Church and the local accomplices of the US imperialist with the Left made as their usual barkers to keep the rotten system alive and kicking.

In the end, the ultimate objective is to brazenly defraud our people of their votes, even if the result in fact defies logic and is statistically improbable, notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence presented by lawyer Glenn Chong. With the bogus vice president doing the traitorous job of maligning the government to which she is supposed to be a part, the goal now of the Liberal Party and its accomplice, is to oust President Duterte. That way they could make the electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos moot and academic.

The plan to oust President Duterte is so evident in all the moves of the opposition. They are always on the opposite side of the declared policy of the President which is hilarious, for that fact that their position is a repetition of the declared US policy for this country. If a power grab is launched by this usurping vice president, and succeeds in overthrowing the government, she would then be free to choose her own vice president.

Let this be clear to most Filipinos, that the intense support of the US for the eventual removal of President Duterte is not on issues of human rights, or about extrajudicial killings or of his differences with the Church because the US has been in that business of mass killing for years, but on the President’s coziness with China and now bridging his way to secure arms from Russia. The cementing of our political, economic and cultural relations with China is pretty dangerous as it could expose the presence of the US in the South China Sea as the real intruder.