Manila Standard : Poetic justice

28 October 2021

By Charlie V. Manalo | Manila Standard

"They will keep on trying."

They tried but they failed.

They tried to manipulate their own survey but still, they ended up trailing by a mile.

They bloated the numbers of vehicles participating in their caravan from 34 to over 4,000 and yet ended up losing badly in a street survey.

They resorted to different sorts of gimmickry including distorting facts when they claimed the father ordered the shooting of protesters in the 1986 Edsa Uprising which was contrary to what really transpired, but still they could not overcome the overwhelming approval of the people on former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos’ presidential quest.

And this was validated by the results of the survey conducted by Publicus Asia which showed Marcos dominating by garnering 49.3 percent of the votes. Meanwhile, Leni Robredo only got 21.3 percent. Manila Mayor Isko Moreno got 8.8 percent followed by Ping Lacson with 2.9 percent and Manny Pacquiao with 2.8 percent.

The results also showed Marcos pulling away in key voting areas such as in the National Capital Region, where he got 40 percent of the votes, while in North and Central Luzon, he obtained 55.7 percent of the votes. In South Luzon, he registered 38.2 percent, while in the Visayas, he got 44.7 percent. Capping it with a whopping 62.5 percent voter preference in Mindanao.

Even in a survey conducted in the so-called elite village, Forbes Park, which the new breed of Yellows, the Pinklaws, claim to be supporting them, Marcos registered an overwhelming lead, with 60 percent of the respondents throwing their support behind the former senator.

Another sector which the Pinklaws claim to support them, the laylayan, showed a favorable result for the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas standard bearer as Marcos posted spectacular results in the Kalye Surveys being conducted by YouTube vloggers all over the country.

While informal in nature and having a different methodology as those used by polling firms, the Kalye survey is seen as a 'real man' street survey that effectively captures the political pulse of working-class Filipinos.

Another ironic twist for the Pinklaws came in the form of the support thrown by another laylayan sector in Marcos’ way - the transport sector, which described the people’s overwhelming support for Marcos as poetic justice.

"BBM's performance in these recent surveys is in itself 'poetic justice.’ There are already signs that the 2022 elections will be a reckoning for some of the other candidates. If indeed the 2016 vice-presidential race was closely contested, we should have seen that in the surveys by now. Where are the more than 14 million who allegedly voted for Robredo?" said Roberto 'Ka Obet' Martin, National President of the Pangkalahatang Sanggunian Manila and Suburbs Drivers Association or Pasang Masda.

Pasang Masda is one of the many transport groups that recently met with Marcos to formally back his candidacy.

Poetic justice is an ideal form of justice in which the good characters are rewarded and the bad characters are punished, by an ironic twist of fate.

"There is no way to explain this kind of performance other than that he has a mandate to fulfill from the people. The support that he got in 2016 is intact and still growing as the election nears. Bongbong has the full support and confidence of a large majority of the electorate," Martin added.

Pasang Masda is one of the many transport groups that recently met with Marcos to formally back his candidacy.

Martin added that they agree with Marcos'plans for the transport sector and they trust that he will implement them when he wins in the upcoming elections.

With the massive outpouring of support going Bongbong’s way, it is highly likely he would emerge as the first majority president in the post-Edsa era.

But knowing these Pinklaws, they will keep on trying even if they have to resort to distorting facts and employing whatever tactics they could imagine, however low it would be.

But still, they will fail.