Manila Standard : Marcos to solve Bicol power woes

28 February 2022

By Manila Standard

Recognizing that brownout has become a perennial problem in the whole Bicol region, presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. vowed to ensure that the Bicolanos will no longer endure such difficulty if he gets elected in the May 9 elections.

Marcos, standard-bearer of Partido Federal ng Pilipinas, said he feels the intolerable hardship that the Bicolanos are experiencing because of the endless brownout, which had been prevalent in the region for almost a decade.

“It has a huge impact on the daily lives of our countrymen. They are no longer comfortable in their own homes and offices, many appliances have certainly been broken due to the endless brownouts in Bicolandia,” he said.

The situation is aggravated every time a strong typhoon visits the region, like Typhoon Quinta, Ulysses, Super Typhoon Rolly, and Odette in December.

The scarcity of electric power has also affected the online classes of the students, Marcos said.

Aside from “temporary solutions” that are being implemented, Marcos what is needed is a long-term solution to end the problem.

The Ilocos Region, where Marcos served as governor, had experienced the same predicament but a wind farm constructed in the shoreline of Bangui has addressed the problem.

Marcos said it is time to conduct studies on alternative renewable energy sources to ease the burden of the Filipinos, especially those who are in the provinces.

“What we will use is natural sources of energy. We will no longer use coal. Will not use fossil fuel. We need to have a replacement and the renewables are [always] available,” he said. Rey E. Requejo

“This has been a constant sticking point with all of our investors, not only foreign investors but even the local investors. When you ask the entrepreneurs who want to build a plant, want to build manufacturing ‘that’s what they’re complaining about. They say their power is too high, we can’t compete elsewhere,” Marcos added.