Manila Standard : Marcos to focus on job creation to spur recovery

16 January 2022

By Rey E. Requejo | Manila Standard

Presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said Sunday he and his running mate Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio would work to make job creation a top priority to hasten the country’s economic recovery from the scourge of COVID-19 once elected into office in the May 9 elections.

Marcos stressed the UniTeam’s priority was to create more jobs that would focus on business, agriculture, tourism and infrastructures in line with the successful “Build, Build, Build” program of the Duterte administration.

“We must prepare ourselves for that recovery, we have to create jobs. That’s the first and most critical element in all of these. We need to create jobs for Filipinos,” Marcos said in an interview.

The 64-year-old Marcos explained that among the top priorities was to focus on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as they could quickly create jobs for Filipinos and in the process put food on their tables.

“It’s all about jobs. We have to put Filipinos back to work and the way we do it is to invest in sectors that have good returns, the so-called you get the biggest bang for your buck when you invest in certain sectors that many will be employed immediately,” Marcos said.

Another focus is agriculture, Marcos said, especially on long-term solutions that are needed to keep the sector strong and ready in the event of another disaster or tragedy.

“We will make more jobs because we are talking not about giving assistance to farmers or giving investment to cooperatives. What we are talking about is that we will rebuild the entire agricultural system for everyone. There is a lot of downstream activity that can really be employed,” Marcos said.

In the last quarter of 2021 alone, the unemployment rate in the country rose to 8.9 percent, or as many as 4.5 million Filipinos are unemployed.

“To make the economy more robust, we must create more jobs for our compatriots,” Marcos said.