Manila Standard : Leading the pack

1 November 2021

By Charlie V. Manalo | Manila Standard

"This candidate has already set his sights on post-pandemic planning."

Despite the non-stop onslaught of his critics and claims they are gaining strength leading to the 2022 elections, Partido Federal ng Pilipinas standard-bearer Ferdinand “Bongbong” Jr. is continuing to lead the way based on results of different surveys.

Recently, Marcos again topped a real time, real man survey conducted by Bugwak TV in Butuan City, Gingoog, Misamis Oriental, and Surigao City.

The Bugwak vloggers conducted their Kalye Survey by roaming around busy streets, such as downtowns, bus terminals, and marketplaces, in said areas where they randomly approached individuals or groups of people and asked them to choose from a list of presidential candidates.

“Pinaka-da Best sa pagka-presidente ng ating nasyon. Kwalipikado,” an employee of the city government said, explaining his choice.

“Lahat kami dito, Bongbong. Wala ng iba, Bongbong lang,” another respondent, a security guard, said.

“May klarong programa, di lang para sa bayan niya kundi sa buong Pilipinas. May political will. Siya ang pinaka-qualified, hindi lang pansariling interes ang iniisip niya,” a tricycle driver in Gingoog said, for his part.

The real time, real man surveys mirrored the result of the recently published Presidential Preference Survey of Publicus Asia where Marcos got a whopping 62.5 percent voter preference in Mindanao.

Actually, I also had the chance to conduct my own version of Kalye survey when I was in Cebu City earlier this week (No, I wasn’t with BBM’s entourage as I went there days after he had already left).

While taking a stroll inside some malls there dining out, travelling around the city, my companions and I asked everyone we met including the vendors we encountered in Simala, a town outside the city and food servers in Carcar where we sampled their famed lechon and chicharron, regarding their choice for president in the next year’s polls. And not among those we asked gave an answer other than Bongbong Marcos.

Maybe we were in the wrong place because the Pinklaws claimed they had conquered the queen city of the south when they held their caravan there last October 16 claiming around 200 vehicles joined their event (although city authorities state there were only 20 vehicles which showed up).

But aside from Cebu City, we also stopped by Lapu-lapu, Mactan, Carcar and Simala, almost 70 kilometers away from the city, and all were already committing their votes for BBM. So which part of Cebu did the Pinklaws exactly conquer?

And why is BBM emerging as the most preferred presidential candidate?

Maybe because all the presidential candidates, the Pinklaw standard bearer included, it’s only BBM who has articulated a comprehensive platform of government. In fact, even at this early, BBM has already focused his sights on post-pandemic planning.

While his opponents are busy rehashing old issues against him, BBM is already discussing on drafting a comprehensive plan to be done for the country to be ready as the global economy is now starting to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, which is manifested by the decision of the Australian government to lift the anti-dumping measure on Philippine pineapple canned products.

Marcos said this is proof the global economy is reopening its doors, which is a good development not only in the agriculture sector but also to the other sectors of the country as it proves that it can also make and strengthen its position in the global economy.

Marcos said such a plan is included in his "Tawid COVID, Beyond COVID" program which aims to provide measures and strategies on how the Filipinos and the Philippine economy can improve their lives while in the midst of pandemic and even beyond it.

His plan involves strategies to address and give solutions to the problems of different sectors such as agriculture, energy, telecommunication, infrastructure, education, health and many others.

That, I believe, should be the characteristics of a good leader. To actually plan for his would-be constituents should he get elected and not hope of getting elected by demolishing his opponents and not presenting any program of action.

And that may be the reason why BBM continues to lead the pack.