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Manila Standard : DQ cases won’t stop the marriage made in heaven

News & Interviews
12 November 2021

By Erwin Tulfo | Manila Standard

"BBM is cool and unsurprised."

Former-senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., in my book, has got to be one of the coolest politicians I’ve met. He is cool under attack from rabid anti-Marcos detractors and cool around his diverse throng of supporters.

BBM, as he is now commonly referred to by both friends and foes, has remained unfazed by the black propaganda against him that began after the trending of his interview by Toni Gonzaga for the vlog Toni Talks, garnering 11 million views.

It’s a shame that the political opposition has also resorted to petitioning the Commission on Elections (Comelec) for BBM’s disqualification, as he emerged the frontrunner in the presidential race according to recent surveys.

In his usual cool reaction, BBM reaffirmed his commitment to become the nation’s “unifying leader” amid the lingering COVID-19 pandemic crisis and the formidable challenge of economic recovery.

After failing to forge a common slate for the upcoming elections as everyone in the opposition wants to be the next President, these pathetic losers now seek to defeat BBM by default via disqualification by Comelec purportedly on the basis of his failure to file SALN and income tax return years ago.

1Sambayan convener former Supreme Court associate justice Antonio Carpio and SC administrator Theodore Te have stooped so low as to back up such jacked up cases against BBM, revealing that they were just lucky to wear the magistrate’s robe back then.

BBM’s formerly yellow enemies are reportedly lining up a “pink caravan” of additional disqualification cases against him which will only aggravate the Comelec’s burden of weeding out 90 “nuisance candidates” in the presidential race, not to mention those in the vice-presidential and senatorial races.

Unsurprised, BBM’s camp aptly describes such DQ petitions as “predictive nuisances,” all recycled garbage of a well-oiled black propaganda orchestrated by yellow oligarchs whose sole objective is to prevent a Marcos’ return to Malacañang.

In pursuing such DQ cases against BBM, his detractors and rivals’ camps engage in utter garbage or gutter politics instead of presenting an inspired vision and a plan for continuity of the Duterte government’s COVID pandemic response and economic recovery.

Unfortunately, gutter politics and black propaganda are but a few of the old rotten ways that BBM has to contend with.

Note that if in some strange circumstance that the poll body remotely grants any of such frivolous petitions of disqualification, it would still be all a futile exercise as BBM’s political party would be entitled to substitute him with a candidate with the same surname until midday of May 9, 2022.

I’m sure his sister Senator Imee Marcos would be happy to fill in for BBM so all this substitute scheme is bound to fail, anyway.

That being said, I will not even try to delve into the merits and demerits of such DQ petitions and leave them to the legal luminaries and Comelec to peruse, a mere waste of time and effort.

In the same breath, I strongly dismiss sinister suggestions from some factions who support such DQ pleas versus BBM in hopes to prod Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio to run for President even as she has cancelled her mayoralty reelection bid for a third consecutive term.

The honorable mayor, leader of Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP) political party, recently signified her willingness “to boost in the best possible way” BBM’s presidential candidacy.

It is best for everyone to leave it to Inday Sara to announce at the proper time if such a “marriage made in heaven” is indeed in the offing.