Manila Standard : DQ and mudslinging are their only options now

22 November 2021

By Charlie V. Manalo | Manila Standard

"President Rodrigo Duterte has become the biggest ally of the Pinklaws."

With the overwhelming people’s support pouring for Partido Federal ng Pilipinas standard bearer Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, it seems the only options left for his opponents, including administration bet Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, are his disqualification and the continuous barrage of black propaganda aimed at destroying his personality.

Unexpectedly, President Rodrigo Duterte has become the biggest ally of the Pinklaws, as together, they try to counter the phenomenal snowballing of support going BBM’s way.

Duterte, whose daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara is seeking the vice presidency as BBM’s running mate, red-tagged the former senator saying he is a supporter of the local communist group.

The next day, without naming names, the president insinuated that BBM was into cocaine, together with his group of friends from Davao. BBM is known to be a friend of former Davao del Norte Congressman Anton Lagdameo. We don’t need to hire a top sleuth to analyze who Duterte is referring to.

And expectedly, as if on cue, the Pinklaws exploited the president’s statement to the hilt, calling for the filing of charges against whoever the President is alluding to.

And while BBM’s opponents were riding on the cocaine issue, another disqualification case was filed against the PFP standard bearer, with rumors flying that Marcos would indeed be disqualified before the year ends.

Unfortunately for them, BBM and his supporters remain unperturbed, seemingly unaffected by whatever they are throwing against the presidential frontrunner.

Yesterday, BBM again emerged on top of an online mock polls in the world’s first and largest blockchain simulated elections organized by Publicus Asia Inc. and

As of Friday, November 19, a total of 3,800 votes were already cast for the presidential race, according to Publicus.

Marcos was number one in the presidential derby with 3,496 votes (90.10 percent), followed by Leni Robredo with 313 votes (8.06 percent).

Manila Mayor Francisco ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso had 38 votes (0.9 percent), Sen. Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Pacquiao with 11 votes (0.2 percent) and Sen. Christopher ‘Bong’ Go had one vote (0.02 percent).

Publicus Asia Inc. and teamed up to host the first and largest blockchain election simulation in the country and invited Filipinos from more than 150 countries to support the simulated polls.

The creators of digital voting system, assured their system could not be easily hacked.

Early last week, BBM also topped a the Publicus Asia survey, Pahayag, conducted from November 16 to November 18, a day after the substitution deadline, showing the PFP standard bearer leading across all regional groups with 56.7 percent compared to Leni Robredo’s 15.4 percent mark and Manila Mayor Francisco Domagoso Moreno’s 6.9 percent.

Behind them are Senators Bong Go, 4.1 percent, Manny Pacquiao, 3.0 percent, and Panfilo Lacson, 2.9 percent.

Marcos held a commanding lead across all regional groups, maintaining his widest lead in North Central Luzon 60.3 percent and Mindanao 70 percent.

The lead was narrowest in the National Capital Region and South Luzon, where Robredo polled above the 20 percent mark. Moreno is at third with seven percent and Go at four percent, consistent with his previous numbers from earlier surveys conducted by Publicus.

Comparatively speaking, Marcos posted a seven percent gain from his previous numbers, polling around 49 percent.

Meanwhile, Robredo dropped by six percent because of lower scores in South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. She, however, maintained her numbers in NCR and SL.

Marcos also recorded the highest votes among respondents who are unlikely to change their preference, with at least 80 percent maintaining that they will definitely not change their choice.

Robredo posted similar numbers, with close to 60 percent of respondents indicating that they are set with their choice and another 18 percent indicating that they will likely not change their preference.

The other candidates polling on or above the three percent mark notched markedly lower “firmness” shares than Marcos and Robredo.

However, the conversion may prove difficult for many who have chosen a particular candidate. Across all candidates, most of those who are not viewed as “firm” in their choice indicated that they are 50-50 at best – rather than inclined to switch, suggesting that conversion may prove difficult moving forward.

Also, in the Manila Bulletin online survey, BBM again led the way, getting 53.7 percent of the 633,000 votes cast.

Assigned with the heart emoji, BBM got 340,000 votes, followed by Moreno’s wow emoji at 143,000, Robredo’s care emoji at 125,000, Go, thumbs up with 18,600, Leody de Guzman sad emoji with 2,300, Lacson’s laughing emoji at 1,900 and Pacquiao’s angry emoji at 1,100.

Indeed, at this point in time, there’s no way they can stop the surge of BBM’s growing support. And resorting to back propaganda has only further strengthened him. Disqualification? They can try. But they have to be prepared to face the people’s wrath should they push for it as legal experts have already declared there is absolutely no grounds to disqualify the “people’s chosen one.”