Manila Standard - Danger in the President’s political decisions: Part II

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11 July 2020

By Rod Kapunan | Manila Standard

"I thought Duterte hated graft and corruption?"

Part II

The President must bear in mind that the US has an axe to grind against him for veering close to China. This renewed coziness has recycled the past when the opposition represented by the Liberal Party, the terrorist communist and their front organizations, the oligarchy, the obscurantist church, and the wayward petty-intellectuals were united in marching to advance US interest in the name of “freedom” and “democracy.”

If Robredo managed to get away in defrauding the people in 2016, there is no reason why she can not do it again with the people fed with issues designed to agitate political passion against the Duterte administration. In fact, this fiercely anti-clerical Duterte has all the more heightened church leaders to use the pulpit to lambast the government. As long as the handlers of this phony vice president are around to manipulate the result, there is practically nothing impossible for her not to grab the top slot.

For PET not coming out with a decision could spell omen to Digong‘s political plans. This issue is now subject of speculation why President Duterte has not abrogated our contract with Smartmatic. This could only mean that Smartmatic can continue its syndicated operations of defrauding the people. Most political analysts realize that Smartmatic remains under the directional guidance of the bankrupt empire. For the pretension that it is a Venezuelan-based corporation represented here by a certain Marlon Garcia but owned by an American named Mark Maloof, one cannot deny that its principal objective is to advance US interest.

This means ousting Duterte is something they cannot bargain to forestall the possibility of a redux of the so-called Edsa “people power.” Recalling the ouster of Marcos as their glory, they now focus on Digong and see him as a marked man of the CIA. It is for this why the followers of BBM felt betrayed. They could sense that history is heading for a repetition of the political perdition in 1986. Thus, if the President allows PET not to come out with a decision, that could be construed as written on the wall, a proclamation of this fraudulent vice president.

Whatever the decision is, nothing could prevent him from prevailing upon the phony vice president not to aim for the top gun. Paradoxically, many are hesitant to predict that Digong will nominate BBM, for that implies he is recognizing that Marcos won in the election, and could add strength to the administration ticket. Some even suspect PET is waiting their cue from the President of deciding what will favor his political plan.

Hiring Smartmatic is a specialized form of graft and corruption motivated solely to wrest political power. It is not only an aberration to our democracy but complete distortion of what it stands for. Hence, when Duterte made it clear that he hates graft and corruption with the same passion of wanting to eradicate drugs, people simply look at each other. The retention of Smartmatic is the biggest blot mark to the Duterte administration. It symbolizes how this country was entrapped to what the US has been telling as their pinnacle to our democracy. Smartmatic is the biggest insult to our sovereignty, for while the operators allegedly guarantee a clean, free and honest election, we paid billions of pesos only to be cheated in the end. We have to swallow an accidental, stupid and after-mortuary choice we could not regurgitate.

For this administration's inability to unscrew the lock, people now suspect whether Duterte has the political will to do away with the enslavement agreement. We have become a pariah, for essentially the result of our election is not the choice of the people, but that of Smartmaric representing clowns ranging from peddlers of religion, downright demagogues, holier than thou hypocrites, salesmen of our national patrimony and sovereignty, and agents of the oligarchy whose assignment is to protect the interest of the bankrupt US Empire that today is doing every conceivable gimmick to swindle and bully this country.

The phony vice president appears more regularly in the media than the President truly elected by the people. Every pronouncement she dishes out is to criticize our President. The phony seems to control all major news outlets without the people knowing that her unlimited exposure is designed to boost her candidacy. Many wonder why the gutsy president we elected now appears not to have the nerve to do away with Smartmatic when we wanted it abolished. Even the head of Smartmatic here, after performing the circus of defrauding the Filipinos people and collecting his fat fee, is now out of our jurisdiction together with the now-fugitive head of the Comelec pointing their dirty finger at us.

For PET not to render a decision after Digong’s term is as good as declaring the phony vice president as the winner. It would tremendously boost the strength of the opposition; give credibility to the syndicate company that bludgeoned to death our electoral system with a caveat to reserve to their tactless puppet the highest position of the land. Remember, she now stands next to the President who arrogated before us that he has no appetite for corruption. But the cheating committed by the phony is a serious type of corruption because it stole from our people their mandate to choose their leader.

A “no” verdict by PET could politically push Duterte to the down slope. Such is unimaginable all because a “no” decision is tantamount to victory of the phony which Digong alone will bear the burden. The bankrupt empire will also discredit him for his pro-China policy. Remember, the US is so desperate to get us back to its colonial dominion for it to have a solid plank in the South China Sea.

As our rapprochement with China intensifies, known pro-American advisers insist that some of those uninhabited islands in SCS should be asserted by us. With the gate for her ambition now open, such is already felt by his flip-flopping to remove the VFA and by the increased pressure from his own cabinet members which could affect his overall determination to pursue an independent foreign policy.

The US has all the reasons to placate our rapprochement with China viz. the removal of the VFA could spell out the truth about its insecurity of being economically eclipsed by China. The US always wanted to segregate the Philippines. To this date, it is still daydreaming of creating a wedge between the whole of the Asean against China.

All these are calculated to cause some kind of domestic political instability to polarize anti-Chinese sentiment to accelerate the removal Duterte. The situation is compounded by the fact that B.S. Aquino nominated a consummate demagogue who for the mortuary service to her late husband generated sympathy for her. The phony is so persistent in giving us her epileptic ranting of the administration at every opportunity that would allow her. This reflects the administration’s failure to contain a demagogue who now self-styles herself as vice president.

People see danger because the looters in government will be back to junk and vandalize what Duterte has started. If the President does not know yet, the Lopezes, the Ayalas, Pangilinan, Consunji, Ortigas, Sobrepeña whom he berated are just as ready to maw his down.