Manila Standard : ‘Convincing win for BBM-Sara in Pangasinan’

10 April 2022

By Manila Standard

DAGUPAN CITY, PANGASINAN- Incumbent Vice Governor Mark De Guzman Lambino expressed confidence that vote-rich Pangasinan will deliver a convincing victory for the tandem of former Senator Ferdinand “Bong-Bong” Marcos Jr. and Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte come May 9, 2022 polls.

Lambino made this assessment after former Speaker Jose De Venecia and his family endorsed the presidential bid of Vice President Leni Robredo in a campaign rally held in Dagupan City last April 8.

Lambino, the highest elected official of Lakas CMD in Pangasinan, assured that their group, the Alyansang Guico-Lambino (AGUILA) remains committed to the BBM-Sara ticket.

“I believe that solid north is still alive, and our provincemates will unite to support BBM (Marcos) and Mayor Sara (Duterte),” the reelectionist vice governor emphasized.

During the rally, Cong. Christopher De Venecia (4th District, Pangasinan) said that his family’s endorsement for VP Robredo will further crack the solid north bailiwick of one presidential candidate which was attributed to Marcos Jr..

However, the De Venecia endorsement to VP Robredo was contested by former 1st District Cong. Arthur F. Celeste saying that “the De Venecias are no longer influential in Pangasinan unlike before.”

“In 2016, they (De Venecias) who were with the Liberal Party campaigned hard for Mar Roxas for president and Leni Robredo for vice president , but they (Mar-Leni) lost miserably in Pangasinan despite the massive resources of the yellows then”, he said.

Celeste, who is making a congressional comeback and sure to win, recalled that even the partylist “Inang Mahal” of former Congresswoman Manay Gina De Venecia did not garner substantial votes in Pangasinan.

“She is a Bicolana like Leni Robredo who doesn’t care, feel and think like the Ilocano and Pangasinense do”, Celeste added.

“I consider the De Venecias as political “has beens” and their endorsement to Leni (Robredo) will no longer affect the support of the Pangasinenses to BBM (Marcos),” Celeste further explained.