Manila Standard : Challenges facing BBM-Sara administration

By Emil Jurado | Manila Standard

“They are many.”

The people have spoken — they want Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. as their next president, and former Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte for Vice President.

The crucial part of Election Day, May 9, 2022 is now that counting, and the supporters of the BBM-Sara tandem must not be too complacent because man-made “miracles” do happen as they did in past elections.

From my point of view, the endorsement of the Iglesia Ni Cristo of the BBM-Sara tandem was the clincher. They really got it made.

Clearly, the opponents underestimated them. They have the solid north and the solid south.

I am amused that the yellows say they are staging some kind of people power movement. How stupid.

And Robredo is tolerating this.

The campaign of Bongbong and Inday Sara may have been a walk in the park for them, but the big challenges await them, like jobless, hid prices, jump-starting the economies after two years of recession as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. How Bongbong and Sara will address will address these remains to be seen.

First and formost, it would do well for Bongbong to let us know who are his cabinet members because he success our failure of a President depends largely on the kind of cabinet members appointed.

First of all, my guly, it must be a continuation of the Duterte administration to BBM-Sara administration. Bongbong must continue with Duterte’s “Build, Build, Build” program to generate jobs, and push through with the amendments of the Public Service Act getting rid of the restrictive requirement of the 1987 Constitution, and opening the gates of foreign investments to transportation, land, sea and air, distribution of power, water, telephone and public utilities for job creation. Opening up responsible mining would certainly attraction, especially under its leadership as Mike Toledo, new chairman of the Chamber of Mining. Thus, it would do well for Bongbong to where three of Duterte’s cabinet members – Finance Secretary Sonny Dominguez, NEDA Director-General Ralph Chua and Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, all performers and excellent members of the cabinet. It would also give meaning the two Unity and BBM and Sara. Likewise, it would also do well for Bongbong to hire members of the opposition he thinks would be good for his administration.

On foreign relations, there is of course, the problem of China’s ever-ending bullying of the country on the WPS or West Philippine Sea problem, and its frequent intrusion on the Philippine EEZ or Exclusive Economic Zone. It is hoped that the good relations between China and the Philippine will continue as it did under President Duterte under the Bongbong Marcos and Inday Sara administration.

There are two developments that personally in my lifetime would like to see happen under the BBM-Inday Sara regime – resumption of our old alliances with the United States and other countries in Asia.

Most importantly, the 1987 Cory Aquino Constitution, has became Jurassic in many ways, like its economic provisions may finally be amended in a mode acceptable for the greater number of people, and for the common good. In many ways, my gulay, the 1987 Constitution has become outdated urgently needing updating to catch up with the global world and modern times.

In a wake of a political former that the country before Election Day. There was one good news that happened – the takeover of the South Korea Hajin Shipyards in Subic Bay fronting the former American naval base, the biggest outside of the US mainland as we all know. It is the acquisition of the debt-laden Hanjin Shipyards that resulted in the unemployment of thousands of Filipinos.

The acquisition was done by a US-based private equity firm, which secured the jobs of displaced workers in the area and will also create about 300 employment opportunities every year. The acquisition by Cerberus Frontier of the Hanjinfacilities in Subic would also result on the retention of jobs for workers who lost the income source after the South Korean shipbuilder filed for bankruptcy.

Further, the buyout would generate over 300 more additional jobs every year from locators and subcontractors who will benefit from the reactivation to by Ceberus, and would also stimulate business activities in Central Luzon. We want over-emphasize the advantage of the shipyard activity in Central Luzon. We want over-emphasize the advantage of the shipyard activity by less than five banks that became debt-laden when Hanjin ceased acitivities.

Most importantly, with the acquisition by a US-based firm like Cerberus, they can be assured that Subic villas again be controlled by the United States. Earlier, there were attempts by Chinese business to buy Hanjin and the Grande Island facing Subic.