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Manila Standard : Black propaganda against BBM has backfired

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1 January 2022

By Rod Kapunan | Manila Standard

Many voters completely forgot that Filipinos tend to side with the underdog. Marami sa mga ang kababayan natin ay dihadista. It is not love for the defeatist but an inexplicable sympathy for one bound to lose. Filipinos have been branded as lovers of the underdog, and this tendency has gained the support often suspected to possess some kind of “agimat” or amulet.

The belief is that Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is bound to win, which his followers are jubilant for, despite the black propaganda and legal impediments to prevent him from winning. His supporters continue to swell. The latest survey conducted by Pulse Asia from December 1 to 5, 2021 defy the expectations of many.

First, the hysterical support of the Catholic Church for their not-so-honest candidate now appears to be a rematch of the 2016 vice presidential race.

Second, the Church refuses to brag about the alleged victory of Robredo because they know the fraud was in tandem with the US intelligence operatives to do the job.

Third, the Church persists in testing their mettle that if they can again allow the cheating, that will extend their dominant control in this part of the globe.

Fourth, the Church and its umbilical partner failed to realize the backlash caused by the electoral fraud they committed. The Iglesia ni Cristo, in particular, is bitter for it seems almost all their followers were wiped out by fraudulent cheating to ensure the victory of candidates of the Church in the 2016 election.

Fifth, most decisive is the endorsement made by Filipino-Chinese who provide employment to millions of our people. This could serve as a tilting point and not the demagoguery induced by religious organizations.

The persistence of the clerics has put at stake the future status of religion in this country. The bigoted Catholic Church can never compare the role of the first protestant candidate Jovito Salonga to BBM. Salonga himself was startled to discover that from a consistent number one in the senatorial slate, he garnered fewer votes than their much-discredited Imelda Marcos in the 1998 presidential race. Many could not believe his popularity would melt under the searing heat of people’s mandate.

Given its implication, the fanatical support given to their mediocre candidate now portends a serious backlash against the image and integrity of the Church. The Church itself has become a pariah for acting as peddler of lies for their not-so-honest candidate. The dishonesty mouthed by her takes a far deeper contour in moral decency that even the unbaptized barbarians could not stomach.

Everybody knows it was a Catholic university that funded the reprinting of the libelous anti-Marcos book to cast doubt on the integrity of BBM. The theist believers hope that BBM’s followers could be persuaded to vote against him possibly after reading the book of lies following the belief that the sins of the father can be transmitted to the son like a sin of blasphemy that even clerics cannot absolve.

The survey conducted by Pulse Asia for December 6 to 11, 2021 indicating a 33 percent margin for BBM gives the would-be cheater a fair warning that could push the country to the precipice of social upheaval. Both sides in the economic bracket, whether coming from the poorest of the poor where BBM obtained 49 percent to the well-off ABC Class where he obtained 53 percent support, is something many find hard to justify, even via algorithmic cheating.

If BBM remains on top with an average of 10 to 15 percent margin in every region with an overall lead of 33 percent, it is likely to move upward for practically all the 18 regions that made him their first or second choice. The percentage increase in favor of BBM is likely to increase in his favor because of the high rating obtained by her vice-presidential running mate, Sara Duterte.

Whoever is behind the production of this nasty black propaganda is completely obfuscated with an evil mind. There is nothing positive about it. The Filipino people can never be mistaken that behind this libelous and malicious propaganda is the Church and the US, notwithstanding that the corrupt mastermind of Smartmatic has gone into hiding in the US.

There is also that criminal intent to include a certain Maria Aurora Busoy Marcos as presidential candidate in the 2022 election. The Comelec knows that this certain Busoy is a nuisance candidate and has already been declared unfit to run for office. Those who worked for her reentry are doing a preparatory job of defrauding the electorate this coming 2022 presidential election.

The strategy of this not so-honest candidate and her handlers is not to directly defraud the winner but to create a situation that would subject the election to tedious legal litigation to give Robredo the opportunity to question the votes cast in favor of BBM or to insist it was in favor of their nuisance candidate. This is to mislead the unenlightened voters that by just writing the name Marcos that could spell altogether the votes in favor of Busoy.

The formula is to divide into two the large edge of the 33 percent in favor of BBM. That would make it less burdensome for the not-so-honest candidate to reach the “reasonable margin to cheat.” This is based on the presumption that a sizable portion of voters would wrongly vote for Busoy. Thus, whoever allowed Busoy to run should be criminally prosecuted. It was the same Comelec that delisted her in the 2016 election. The Comelec cannot claim negligence because the object is to create havoc to an otherwise clean and honest electoral exercise.

Such a situation favors lawyers to fix the problem they created. This would disallow the votes that favor BBM or count them in favor of Busoy, thus opening the election to massive fraud. This will greatly enhance the chance of this pretending-to-be-honest candidate to hurdle just half of the 33 percent margin because the Comelec maliciously and criminally included Busoy as a candidate.

The opposition opted to discard their official color as if to drop their pro-imperialist and pro- theocratic ideology. Note that retired general Parlade was delisted by the Comelec to run as independent but was given a paradoxical reason to allow Busoy to run. Many suspect Parlade is now looked upon as a loose cannon. Imagine a rabid anti-communist fighter suddenly disqualified without considering he was the former head of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC).

Remember General Palparan? It was the CPP-NPA that hounded him to jail and even opposed his pardon. Many are inclined to believe American ideological handlers want Parlade to change his tenor because the wily CIA operatives have firmed up efforts to keep their empire in Asia. Their not-so-honest candidate together with the yellow opposition want the funds of NTF-ELCAC scrapped and to declare all the front organizations of the CPP-NDF legal. These are telltale signs that Parlade smells treachery to our people.

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