Manila Standard : Bishops embrace UniTeam vision

10 March 2022

By Rey E. Requejo | Manila Standard

Bangued Prelate, Malangen pray for BBM-Sara

In what could be a refreshing change in the campaign of presidential candidate Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos and his running-mate Inday Sara Duterte, a number of church leaders recently embraced the call for unity of the UniTeam, as they were convinced it is the key to the country’s progress.

Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian of the Diocese of Bangued in Abra recently led the pray-over for Marcos and Duterte during the blessing of the UniTeam headquarters in the province, during which he also lauded their initiatives of trying to bring healing and unifying leadership in the country.

Jaucian said Marcos’ call for unity will be a strong start for the country to recover from poverty.

In front of other priests and parishioners, the bishop prayed for the UniTeam’s success and safety while campaigning and going around the country.

Meanwhile, during the UniTeam’s courtesy call at the Jesus Christ the Deliverer Church in Guiguinto, Bulacan, Bishop Ted Malangen called Marcos as the next president of the Philippines.

“You see my face mask oh, BBM-Sara. Ladies and gentlemen, we shall welcome, the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr., ‘BBM,’” Malangen said.

Marcos said church leaders embracing their call for unity is a good start for the Filipino people to love one another.

“We also have the same mission of Jesus Christ the Deliverer, is that we are united, that we should love each other. That is all we are shouting, so the Filipinos are very wise, to look at what is really right for our leaders to do ourselves,” he added.

For Inday Sara, the support they received from church officials was a big help, especially now that the country is divided.

“We are very grateful for the opportunity and time you gave us this morning to be with you, get to know you, and pray with you,” Duterte said.

She confessed she is only praying for two things: “First of all, we need to come to God, to protect our vote in the coming election. Let us pray for honest, orderly, and peaceful elections for our country.”

“The second is because politics and the election campaign are very elusive, let us pray that God will unite us. Peace and we always call for us to unite to rise from the COVID – 19 pandemic here in our country. That is what we will pray for, every day until (May 9) and even and beyond (Election Day), for the peace and unity of our country,” she added.

Marcos revealed that in 2014, Bishop Ted first told him to run for the presidency.

“What Bishop reminds me of is his long prediction that in 2014, he says you will run for president, and you will win. He knew, at that time I said, it would be difficult for that to happen, well the first part of his prediction came true, I ran for president, now we will just wait if we win,” he said.

“We are constantly spinning, and I think you are accepting my message of unity, because, I think, as we are visiting you, we are very grateful for your support, for what you are saying. who trust us, Inday Sara, the entire UniTeam and the help and non -forgetfulness of us,” he added.