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Manila Standard : After red-tagging and cocaine blitz, what’s next?

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25 November 2021

By Charlie V. Manalo | Manila Standard

"An IQ test, perhaps?"

Even as the election campaign has yet to officially kick off less than three months from now, political opponents of leading presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos have already started throwing bombs after bombs at the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas standard bearer.

Surprisingly, President Rodrigo Duterte had made himself an ally of his fiercest nemesis, the Pinklaws, as he leads the unholy alliance of forces in trying to destroy BBM.

Unfortunately for them, not a single missile they have directed against BBM has made a dent in his personality, much more in his candidacy. In fact, the news stories and pronouncements regarding attacks against BBM’s persona and its effects seem to be lifted from an anime movie wherein the character absorbs the energy of the bombs thrown at him, making far stronger. Yes, the more they hit BBM, the more people seem to love him and help him achieve victory come May 9, 2022.

It all started with their old-time favorite, the anti-Marcos narrative, which were outrightly rejected by the people. Then came the disqualification cases, which up to now, although they have to be heard and decided by the Commission on Elections, have failed to gain traction.

It was at that point Duterte decided to join the fray, starting with accusing BBM of being pro-communist, which of course, was not only spurned by the people, but made the president look so much a fool. Of all people, you will red-tag Marcos?

Maybe realizing his mistake in his BBM red scare, Duterte then insinuated BBM was into drugs, specifically cocaine. Even without naming names, it looked like he was referring to Marcos as all the hints he had provided obviously was alluding to the presidential frontrunner.

And expectedly, the Pinklaws led by the “Nanay ng Bayan (Though I wish to have never been born at all if she would have been my Nanay. She won’t qualify to replace my beloved Nanay.),” jumped the gun, saying the particular candidate which Duterte accused of using drugs should be charged and incarcerated.

But BBM and his supporters had the last laugh.

Last Sunday, hundreds of thousands poured into the streets in different parts of the country to show their unwavering support for BBM, no matter what his opponents are throwing at him. And Sunday’s outpouring of support came a day after Publicus Asia released the results of its survey showing BBM leading all presidential candidates with 56 percent of the respondents preferring him over the other presidential aspirants.

The Pinklaws were so shocked with the results of the survey and Sunday’s Red Day turnout they even resorted to editing photos of some of the BBM motorcade to make it appear they were in support of their “Nanay.”

And last Monday, even as the Pinklaws were still reeling from the effects of the double whammy that struck them, BBM himself delivered the coup de grace when he presented a copy of the result of the cocaine test he had taken at the St. Luke’s Hospital. It was negative.

And despite being subjected to attacks, BBM, was again in his most humble spirit, even absolving the President in the cocaine issue.

“I really don’t feel that I am the one being alluded to. In spite of that, I believe it is my inherent duty as an aspiring public official to assure my fellow Filipinos that I am against illegal drugs,” BBM said in a statement.

“This is why I took a cocaine test yesterday and the result was submitted this morning to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, the office of the Chief of the PNP and the National Bureau of Investigation,” he explained.

BBM added that he had, in fact, had, as early as 2016, accepted the proposal for all candidates to undergo an illegal drug testing.

“And as I made the call during the 2016 election campaign, I’m calling again all elective aspirants to take the drug test to ensure our people, particularly the young generation, that no elected leader is into illegal substances,” said BBM.

“Let me reiterate my assurance to my fellowmen, especially to the supporters of BBM-Sara Uniteam, that I am, and will remain, a vigilant anti-illegal drugs campaigner,” he stressed.

The Pinklaws, expectedly, again dug in their bag of propaganda, questioning the results of the drug test taken by a private hospital, saying BBM should have taken his test with a government hospital or even with the PDEA. Are they insinuating St. Luke’s “doctored” the results of BBM’s test? Maybe St. Luke’s should file charges against these people.

Anyway, that was as far as they went after BBM’s negative drug test result went public. For a day after that, Manila Bulletin treated them with an icing to BBM’s cake when the online survey it conducted revealed Marcos garnering an overwhelming lead over his opponents.

So far, his opponents seemed to have taken a ceasefire in attacking him. Even the “Nanay” had resorted to other forms of gimmickry, the latest, broadcasting a video showing her in San Goku’s kamehameha posture, though the caption describes her as a Pinkachu. The play-on the name of Pikachu and her color sucks bigtime for us true-blooded anime fans!

So, what’s next? Maybe they are still on what recipe to pick from Ursula’s most effective concoctions.

What could it be then? Reviving the fake Bongbong story? A sex scandal maybe? So, what would we be needing next time? A DNA test to prove BBM’s the real Macoy? A paternity test?

What about an IQ test? Oops! Three have left the room.