Manila Standard : 25 groups band together, back Marcos poll bid

10 November 2021

By Rey E. Requejo | Manila Standard

Support for former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. has continued to snowball after 25 cause-oriented organizations have formed an alliance to back his bid for the presidency in the 2022 national elections.

Dubbing themselves as the Progressive Alliance for BBM, the convenors recently visited Marcos’ campaign headquarters in Mandaluyong City and submitted a manifesto expressing its full support behind the standard-bearer of Partido Federal ng Pilipinas.

The alliance consists of 25 organizations representing various sectors such as OFWs, Seafarers, Barangay Youth, Christian Churches, Loyalists, and Healthcare workers.

Meanwhile, the Marcos camp has launched a positive campaign program to support his presidential bid in the forthcoming elections, and to counter the so-called “hate politics” being advocated by supporters of his rivals.

Marcos, who is promoting “Pagkakaisa at hindi Pagkansela” on his 184th BBM Vlog, hailed the different forms of “positive campaigning” initiated by his supporters to strengthen his candidacy.

The groups submitted a document entitled “Manifesto of Unity, Support, and Commitment to ‘Bring Back the Momentum’ To Our Country’s Progress and Development” to Marcos’ wife, lawyer Louise Araneta-Marcos, through a simple ceremony.

“Believing in a unifying leadership, we, the leaders of the parallel groups and organizations, hereby coalesce and express our deep commitment and unwavering support to a true public servant, a forward-thinking leader and a genuine man for the people, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr.,” the manifesto states.

The manifesto, read in full by the group’s convenor, Joey Fornier, also said: “We pledge to align all our efforts to work as one in campaigning and utilizing all means available - our manpower and resources - to achieve our unified goal of electing and installing BBM as the next President of the Republic of the Philippines.”

In her acceptance message, Araneta-Marcos said: “I know you’ve gone a long, long way, my husband couldn’t be here because he’s already going around (the country) but he told me to thank you very much. It’s because of people like you that no matter what they criticize us for, they still fight because of you. Thank you very much.”

Earlier, representatives from the country’s largest transport groups also endorsed Marcos’ Presidential in the upcoming 2022 polls, saying they believe Marcos’ plans for their sector and trusts him to implement them once he secures the people’s mandate.

Support for Marcos’ candidacy is snowballing following his stellar performance in online and traditional presidential preference surveys.

The alliance also vowed, “to remain steadfast to our duties and responsibilities and wholeheartedly dedicate our loyalty and service to BBM, as the one and only fit and capable man to build back a grappling nation to greatness.”

In closing the manifesto urged Filipinos to join BBM’s fight and bring back the Marcos leadership into our government. “BBM, You are my President! We will rise again together!” the manifesto said.

The Partido Federal ng Pilipinas standard-bearer stressed that he intends to pursue a unique campaign style and avoid engaging in gutter politics.

“I am happy, and I admire our supporters because some groups have launched very positive campaigns,” Marcos said.

“Some have done beach clean-ups in Boracay, some have planted trees, some have done community pantries, some have fed, some have made what they call BBM discounts, this is the opposite of the boycott,” he added.

Marcos, who is seen by many as a unifying leader, also appealed to the followers of other politicians to avoid the so-called “cancel culture” or boycotting or hate politics, especially during this pandemic.

“The only thing I can’t accept is that small businesses and entrepreneurs are still affected, I’m referring to the so-called ‘cancel culture.’ The news reached me that their restaurant, their business is being boycotted, barbershops, their occupation just because they have a politician’s support or because they are my supporter. It is unfortunate that this is happening during a pandemic,” Marcos lamented.

He said he would continue to promote positive campaigning as he encouraged all his supporters to avoid engaging in political bickering.

“I salute these ideas, because apart from being modern, they care about others and the environment. Many thanks to our supporters and just continue to spread our good message, instead of canceling let’s unite,” Marcos added.