Manila Bulletin : New voter registrants now at 4.3 million, says poll official

28 June 2021

By Leslie Ann Aquino | Manila Bulletin

There are already 4.3 million new voter registrants for the May 2022 polls.

Commission on Elections (Comelec) Spokesperson James Jimenez said the number already exceeded their expectation of 4 million.

“Thus far we have around 4.3 million new voters who have already registered which means we have already exceeded our expectations we set out with back in 2019,” he said in an online forum Monday, June 28.

“One of our expectations going to the registration period back in 2021 was that we will have around 4 million new registrants,” added Jimenez.

“This means that about 4 million voters turning 18 years old got registered so that they can vote in the coming elections,” he said.

So far, Jimenez said, the number of registered voters in the list of voters is at 60 million.

“Meaning to say come 2022 we wil have at least 60 million voters who will be potentially trooping to the polls on Election day,” he said.

“Of course, voter turnout will be lower than that but that is the standing number for registered voters which is still admittedly lower than the 61 million we had in 2019, but I think we are on track to reach 61 million at least,” added Jimenez.

Voter registration will end on September 30.