Manila Bulletin - Miriam-Bongbong tandem tops Adamson U mock polls

3 March 2016

By Mario Casayuran | Manila Bulletin

Manila-BulletinThe presidential and vice presidential tandem of Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago and Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has topped the mock polls conducted by the Adamson University.

The Adamson Chronicle, the official student publication of Adamson University in Manila, posted on its website last Feb. 29 the result of the mock elections showing Santiago and Marcos defeating their respective rival candidates.

Santiago got 64.06 percent of the votes out of 1,524 respondents while her running mate received 46.35 percent.

Marcos said it would appear that Santiago’s popularity with the youth sector has rubbed off on him which could explain his strong showing in mock polls in universities.

 “The youth are really for Miriam. And I am happy that the support she is getting is rubbing off on me,” said Marcos.

He said his partnership with the lady senator has been warmly received because of their no-nonsense approach to achieve good governance.

“Maybe one of the reasons is that I and Senator Miriam agree on many things, including proper approaches to governance and that reverberates with young people because young people can see that we need to change the system, that we need to address our country’s problems,” he added.

Marcos is running on a platform based on national unity which he said is essential in realizing his vision for a more progressive future for all Filipinos.

In a related development, Marcos announced that he and Santiago would soon conduct joint campaign sorties in her bailiwick in Western Visayas.

Marcos also said Santiago has promised to endorse his candidacy to the Visayan people in the same way he asked Ilocanos to support her when they launched their campaign together in Batac, Ilocos Norte.

“We had planned to swing through the Visayas where she is strong. After introducing her to his province mates in Ilocos Norte, Santiago told Marcos that it is also her turn to introduce him to her province mates in Western Visayas,” Marcos said.

He also said they agreed to hold most of their campaign sorties separately to maximize the number of people they could reach within the limited, 90-day campaign period for national candidates.

 “We divided our political campaign time as she has her own invitation to visit other places and I have mine,” he added.

Marcos said Santiago is focusing her efforts on her “secret weapon”, which is the youth sector, particularly college students.