Manila Bulletin : Marcos: Restoring people's trust and confidence in government is crucial

12 November 2021

By Manila Bulletin

Presidential aspirant and Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) standard-bearer Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. said that restoring the trust and confidence of the Filipino people in the government will be his priority when he is elected President of the country in next year’s national election.

The former lawmaker said that besides implementing an effective post-pandemic plan, the country’s recovery depends on how the people view the entire bureaucracy. He added that getting the people’s support determines the success or failure of its policies.

“We will work hard to bring back the trust of our people in government and the bureaucracy since without their wholehearted support, not much will be accomplished. The country cannot afford to have animosity exist between public servants and our people. The failure or success of new policies in a post-pandemic environment will hinge on their support,” Marcos said on Wednesday, Nov. 10.

The former Ilocos Norte governor also decried the criticisms thrown at government workers which he said has a demoralizing effect on them.

“Throughout this pandemic, government workers were stretched to their limits. Most chose to work silently amid the threat of COVID-19 and remained unheralded for their contribution. As a public servant myself, I take offense to the negatively stereotyped view on government workers,” the former senator said.

“Critics tend to forget that public servants are first and foremost people and therefore not infallible. When blanket criticisms are levied on a particular government department, it has a demoralizing effect on the entire department.”

He added that reviving the ‘group spirit’ among government employees will help achieve its goals of uplifting the lives of Filipinos.

“There was once a time when being in government was seen as a badge of honor, an opportunity to make meaningful changes in how things are done and improve services. We need to revive the esprit de corps that bonded us, enabled us to work together and accomplish goals for the common good. Let’s bring back the pride and dignity associated with being in government service,” Marcos said.

“I have spent a large chunk of my life in government service and I have seen how competent and well-meaning career personnel eventually choose to walk away and leave the service due to the seemingly thankless nature of the job.” (Melvin Sarangay)