Manila Bulletin : Marcos calls for ‘restraint’ among voters before elections

By Seth Cabanban | Manila Bulletin

The camp of presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has issued a statement, calling for restraint among supporters in the remaining week before the 2022 national elections.

“The election fever tends to make emotions run high. While we understand and appreciate the zeal of our supporters, we encourage everyone to exercise restraint especially when faced by supporters from rival candidates,” read Marcos’ statement on Sunday, May 1.

“In choosing our next leaders we should not allow the divisive effects to harm one another. Rather we keep in mind that once the choice of the majority is made, we stop being adversaries and remember that we are compatriots under one flag,” it continued.

The statement then claimed that there would be agitation from unnamed “selfish interests” seeking to incite “violence or instability” among voters.

“Understand as well that there will be selfish interests who might agitate us in the hopes of fomenting violence or instability. We must resist such agitation, resist mistaking election rhetoric for personal attacks. They are temporary and we will be alright,” it alleged.

There have been no reported instances of attempts to “forment violence or instability” among Marcos loyalists and supporters.

Meanwhile, much of the “election rhetoric” directed against Marcos’s candidacy and his camp are not personal attacks, and are criticisms based in fact: these include the P203-billion Marcos estate tax liabilities; his absence during debates; and an aversion to media, to name some.

Just 8 days remain before the May 9 elections.