Manila Bulletin : DOJ bares plot to assassinate Bongbong — camp

30 January 2022

By Joseph Pedrajas | Manila Bulletin

The camp of presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Sunday bared there is an attempt or a plot to assassinate Marcos Jr., citing information they got from the Department of Justice (DOJ) cybercrime office.

In a statement, Marcos Jr.’s camp said the alleged “kill plot” was discovered through TikTok.

According to the information obtained by Marcos Jr.’s camp, the TikTok post purportedly said: “We are meeting everyday to plan for BBM’s assassination. Get ready.”

“An initial open source probe was conducted on the subject TikTok account with Uniform Source Locator (URL) https:/ which initially revealed as a public account supporting [redacted],” Marcos Jr.’s camp said, supposedly reiterating DOJ cybercrime group officer-in-charge lawyer Charito Zamora’s letter to the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police.

Zamora informed Marcos Jr.’s camp they discovered the plot from “a tip that a TikTok post is circulating with a message to kill BBM (Bongbong Marcos).”

Thus, Zamora supposedly requested TikTok to preserve the data related to the alleged account while authorities are working on the legal process for disclosure, which the social media platform obliged.

“As a matter of procedure, we immediately proceed in having it investigated because of the seriousness of the subject. It’s really an actionable intelligence concern,” Zamora said, refusing to elaborate other details on the supposed ‘”kill plot” against Marcos Jr.

Lawyer Vic Rodriguez, Marcos Jr.’s spokesman, said the report on the assassination is “concerning.”

However, he added, they are “not cowered by such threat. Bongbong shall continue to personally deliver his message around the country with firm resolve to unify the nation.”

“We commend the cybercrime office of the Justice department, through Sec. Menardo Guevarra, for its swift and uncompromising response to uncover those behind this open threat to harm aspiring president Bongbong Marcos,” Rodriguez said.