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Malaya - Did the fetching Abigail fumble on coup rumors?

In The News
27 October 2011

By Victor Reyes |

MALAYA_thumbTHE military intelligence community yesterday dismissed talks of a destabilization attempt or a military coup by officials associated with former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo.

"Untrue. No basis. Propaganda," said Maj. Gen. Francisco Cruz, AFP deputy chief of staff for intelligence.

The demoralization was supposedly the result of government’s refusal to take aggressive action against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebels who killed 19 Special Forces officers and men in Al Barka, Basilan on October 18.

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said President Aquino is to blame for the reported growing restlessness and demoralization which he said is brought about by the weak government response to recent bloody encounters with the MILF that cost the lives of at least 30 soldiers and civilians.

"Gaya ng sinabi ko, ang Presidente na siyang namumuno sa Malacañang ay hindi tunay na lider. All this trouble is his own doing and he has no one to blame but himself," Marcos said.

He said "disgruntled soldiers are aware that their supposed commander in chief does not understand his responsibilities towards the soldiers that endure the suffering and face death to protect our sovereignty."

"Noynoy has only himself to blame for whatever ill-feelings these brave soldiers have towards him because they feel that not only is he not supporting and leading them but treats them with disdain and arrogance," he said.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, a former Navy lieutenant, said restiveness among soldiers was caused by "insensitive remarks" from Malacañang.

"Yung pagre-reprimand po kasi basic ho ‘yan sa mga military leaders. You praise in public, you reprimand in private," he said.

He said Aquino, as commander in chief, should have first sympathized with the soldiers to show he is behind them, then demanded that the MILF turn over the perpetrators.