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Malaya Business Insight : Act fast on DQ cases filed against Marcos, Comelec told

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13 December 2021

By Reuters | Malaya Business Insight

FORMER poll chairman Christian Monsod yesterday called on the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to act quickly on disqualification cases filed against former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. lest its decision becomes moot.

Monsod cited as an example the 2010 case against former president Joseph Estrada, who was questioned for seeking another term as president.

“If you remember the Estrada case, there was a petition for his disqualification. Election came and Estrada lost. The SC (Supreme Court), then, said the case is moot and academic because he lost,” he said.

“The question is: what if he wins, the decision is delayed, and he is proclaimed? You will then have to resort to a quo warranto (petition),” he added.

Seven petitions have been filed against Marcos, with four for his disqualification, two for the cancellation of his certificate of candidacy, and one for his declaration as a nuisance bet.

One of the petitioners, the “Pudno Nga Ilokano” (Real Ilocanos), has Monsod as legal counsel.

The Comelec has conducted preliminary conferences on two of the seven petitions. The other cases have been raffled to the Comelec First or Second Divisions.

Comelec spokesman James Jimenez previously said there is no deadline for the poll body to resolve such cases until the candidate concerned is proclaimed. “The Comelec will decide as long as it takes,” said Jimenez in a previous interview.

Monsod, in a virtual forum yesterday, said, “What we should be concerned about is the possible delay in the decision, which should not be the case.”

“It is important that the Comelec act on this in a proper way and not to unduly delay the process,” he added.

Monsod also said the qualifications of a presidential aspirant is very important in determining the country’s future.

“When it comes to the presidency, it is a different conversation because the executive, the presidency has vast executive powers,” he said.

“When it comes to the presidency, people look at it differently. It is important that all the qualifications for president are met,” added Monsod.