Maharlika TV : Unholy alliance of Comelec execs and Smartmatic exposed

By Junex Doronio | Maharlika TV

MANILA — The Commission on Election (Comelec) seemed to have exposed itself that it can change the results of the election after Smartmatic won the bidding again and another bidder was disqualified due to technicality.

In the manifestation and verified complaint of the losing bidder Pivot International, Inc., and Power Serve (PSI), Inc, Joint Ventures represented by Steven Allen Bhyer before the Comelec, it was exposed that the Comelec can reformat the election results of “WORM” or the Write Once Read Many card.

The election results from the city and municipal canvassers are inserted into the WORM card and then transmitted to Comelec central that is why the existing data cannot be changed, cannot be erased or reformatted.

However, during the Comelec bidding last March 5, 2021, for the Vote Counting Machines (VCMs) Refurbishment with Consumables – 2nd Bidding (SBAC Ref. No. 01-2020VCRM), it was discovered that the Commission on Elections Technical Working Group (COMELEC-TWG) was able to reformat the SD cards used last elections and they were not the genuine secured WORM cards.

Based on the complaint filed by Joint Venture which was the sole contender of Smartmatic in the P400 Million worth of VCM refurbishment project, the bidders were ordered to submit Secured Digital (SD) at WORM SD card for testing.

“During the testing, however, the Comelec provided VCM did not detect the WORM SD card that the Joint Venture supplied. This is because they tampered the WORM cards when they were reformatted by the TWG, automatically triggering the write-protected mode of the cards. As a result, the WORM SD Cards could no longer be read by the VCMs because they entered the write-protected mode,” the Joint Venture said in its complaint.

The losing bidder further claimed that there was an apparent irregularity during the bidding process.

“When the Sample SD card were not read by the the VCM, the SBAC-TWG brought out another SD Card, which was supposedly used during the the previous elections, reformatted it in one of the computers of the SBAC-TWG, and then inserted it into the VCMS,” the Joint Venture revealed.

The Joint Venture expressed surprise why the Comelec-supplied VCMs were able to read the “tampered SD cards” but not the “reformatted WORM card” by the SBAC TWG.

The Joint Venture stressed that it was only right that the VCM cannot read tampered WORM cards because they cannot be reformatted or erased as part of its security features and specification.

“It must be stressed, however, that the SD card supplied by the SBAC-TWG during the testing was clearly not a WORM card because it can be reformatted. Simply put, a true WORM SD Card such as the WORM SD Cards provided by the Joint Venture from its supplier Flexxon, should not and cannot be reformatted. To reiterate, WORM SD Cards are unalterable, non-rewritable, and non-erasable ensuring dating integrity within the WORM SD Cards,” the Joint Venture said in its complaint.

Still, the Joint Venture was shocked when the Comelec VCM was able to read the reformatted SD Cards of SBAC TWG which were used in the last elections.

Worse, the Joint Venture lost in the bidding and the Comelec declared the Smartmatic winner of the P400 Million project.

There have been suspicions of connivance between Comelec and Smartmatic in rigging election results but no concrete evidence until it was discovered by Joint Venture that the poll body can reformat the WORM Card. (ai/mtvn)