Maharlika TV : Kalye Survey’s March 1-15 report: Game over for the prexy race even before the first ballot is cast, says Splat Comms

17 March 2022

By Maharlika TV

Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos

MANILA — An information and statistical data provider has made a fearless forecast that the game is over, with Filipinos having already spoken even before the first ballot is cast.

The conclusion was arrived at after results of Kalye Surveys showed that Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) standard-bearer Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. who amassed an impressive 54.2 % in the latest results, is now practically beyond reach by his opponents, with barely over one month before the May 9 national and local elections.

Based on the summation of Kalye Surveys conducted nationwide from March 1 to 15 with 3,000 respondents, Marcos’ 54.2% is way ahead of his rivals as the race enters the homestretch.

He is followed by Leni Robredo with measly 13.4 %.

These latest developments practically reinforced and confirmed the results submitted by other polling firms like Pulse Asia, Publicus, SWS, OCTA Research, DZRH, and others that showed Marcos leading by miles over his rivals with barely a month before the elections.

Manny Pacquiao is third with 8.5 percent while Isko Domagoso is close behind him with 8 percent.

Panfilo Lacson placed fifth with 1.8 percent.

SPLAT Communications, an information and statistical data provider that works jointly with consulting firm Simplified Strategic Solutions (SSS) to produce the Kalye Survey tallies, said the undecided was at 13.23 percent.

“It’s really game over, folks … Even before the first ballot is cast, the Filipinos have spoken — game over,” SPLAT stated.

It added that there was a +/- 1.79 percent margin of error and the confidence level was at 95 percent.

Based on the Kalye Surveys at the National Capital Region, BBM obtained 58 %; Domagoso had 29 %; Robredo tallied 8 %; Pacquiao had 2.7 %, and Lacson got 1.3%. Undecided was at 1 percent.

In the Balance of Luzon, which covered regions from the Cordillera Administrative Region and Ilocos Region to the Bicol Region, BBM scored 55.2%; Robredo had 18.9%; Domagoso had 7.3% ; Pacquiao got 2.6 %, and Lacson got 2%.

The undecided was at 14.1 percent.

Marcos also led in the Visayas with 40.1%.

Pacquiao and Robredo were statistically tied for second and third spots with 15.3% and 14.4%, respectively.

Domagoso followed with 4.9 percent; Lacson was last with 2.2 percent. Undecided was at 23 percent.

In Mindanao, Marcos was also leading huge with 61.3 %.

Pacquiao was second with 17.5 %; Domagoso was third with 6.8 percent. Robredo and Lacson occupied the fourth and last spot with 3.8 percent and 1.3 percent, respectively.

Undecided was at 9.4 percent.

“Former Senator Ferdinand ‘BBM’ Marcos, Jr. maintains his nationwide majority preference share at 54.2 percent. He ranked first in all cluster of regions except for the Visayas where his preference share fell before the majority zone,” SPLAT said.

“However, he still has a comfortable 24 percent lead points over his nearest opponent,” SPLAT added.

“In the case of VP Leni, she is only third in the NCR, 2nd in the balance of Luzon, statistically tied for second and third spot in the Visayas and miserably at fourth in Mindanao. How can she be expected to win when she has not even ranked first in any regional cluster at all? The best rank she got was in the balance of Luzon because the Bicol region is included in this cluster. However, she is still bumped off the lead in this cluster by former Senator Marcos with over 39% lead points. Worst for VP Leni is in the Mindanao cluster where BBM dominates her with over 57 percentage point lead,” it added.

SPLAT also corrected tarpaulins erroneously giving a wrong number for BBM’s slot in the ballot.

“BBM is No. 7 and not 10 as can be seen in the tarp. As we have accurately predicted the attacks, misinformation will only intensify and escalate as the election day draws ever closer. With 54 days before May 9, everything will turn worst before it gets better. It is very important not to be complacent or to fall in a sense of security as every trailing candidate will do whatever it takes to pull their opponents down to lift themselves up,” it said. (ai/mtvn)