LP Bacolod Mayor confident Bongbong Marcos will deliver on promises if elected VP

13 April 2016

A member of the ruling Liberal Party has expressed confidence that vice presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. will deliver on his election promises if he gets elected to the post given his track record.

Meeting with Marcos at the city hall, Bacolod City Mayor Monico Puentevella said he is sure that the senator will fulfill his election promises and help Bacolod if he is elected to the vice presidency since he has always been helpful.

“I know him, we were together in Congress for many years. I know how he works. Whenever I ask for his help for Bacolod, he is always there. I know him, he will help us,” Puentevella told members of the media when Marcos paid him a courtesy call.

Puentevella said if Marcos wins the vice presidency, he will ask for his help for the construction of an additional 500-meter runway in their airport in Bacolod so they can have international flights. “It is hard because we still have to go to Manila or Cebu when he go abroad because our runway is short,” he said.

Marcos said he will help Bacolod get the additional runway length if he wins in his bid to which Puentevella responded by saying he was sure the senator will make good his promise because he had always helped them.

Bacolod was one of the areas visited by Marcos in his three-day Unity Caravan in Western Visayas. He expressed confidence that he can muster the support of majority of local officials and candidates for local posts as in the entire Negros Island Region, which is considered a bailiwick of the ruling Liberal Party.

Speaking to local media in Balocod City, Marcos said he is lucky that most of the local candidates from different sides of the political fence in the island region are his friends and they have expressed their support for him.

However, Marcos said he understands that since they belong to different political parties they have to work within the confines of their own party lines. Marcos

“But I feel confident because I was fortunate that many of the leaders here, and in other places as well, have become my friends,” Marcos said.

As a result of his extensive experience as governor of Ilocos Norte and as lawmaker in the House of Representatives and the Senate, Marcos said he had worked with or done something together with many of the political leaders in the island region.

Because of this, Marcos said many of these local leaders are not only well-aware of his capabilities but also of his plans and programs for the benefit of the entire country.

“That is how we are approaching the campaign in different areas. And Negros is one of them, where I feel that we have the support from all quarters of the political spectrum,” said Marcos.

In addition to Bacolod City, Marcos also conducted campaign sorties in the cities of Bais and Bayawan in the province of Negros Oriental where he was warmly received by local officials.

In his campaign sorties Marcos has been pushing too for national unity, saying this is essential for the country to face the problems besetting the country today.

He expressed belief that his surge in the latest surveys that propelled him to the solo lead in the vice presidential indicates that an increasing number of Filipinos are receptive to his message of national unity.