llocano Votes Will Spell Difference in Polls – Bongbong Marcos

25 March 2010

APARRI – Bongbong Marcos believes the Ilocano votes will spell the difference in the upcoming national elections.

“I am confident that we’re going to see an Ilocano bloc voting as one in the coming polls,” said Bongbong. “Ilocanos are among the first Filipinos to migrate in different part of the country.”

A throng of Ilocano supporters welcomed Bongbong during his visit here on Thursday. He traveled by land from Tuguegarao City.

Bongbong paid visit to the municipal hall and the public markets of Aparri and Camalaniugan in Cagayan.

Judith Gonzaga, a resident of Camaluniugan, shared Bongbong’s view about the Ilocano vote. Ilocanos always support a fellow Ilocano. That is an assurance that Bongbong will be number one here," she said.

Aparri residents also noted the track record of the youthful solon from Ilocos Norte, citing in particular the windmills in Bangui that they hope to be replicated in their area.