Malaya - Leni attacks, Bato amends

25 January 2017

By Dahli Aspillera | Malaya

VICE President Leni Robledo, through her spin meisters, is ordering former Senator Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos to stop “dreaming or hallucinating” that there was massive electoral fraud in the May 2016 polls. Leni thinks it is within her position to tell anyone what to think, say, do. How much more elegant if she just stayed quiet and let the authorities take over.

Leni Robledo, likewise attacks again, telling the country’s President Duterte what he should do. Leni says that the President must kowtow to the CBCP. Leni sees it her right to is order the president to be obedient to the romano bishops, to stop criticizing the CBCP leaders, to behave. What business is it of Leni to tell the President what to do, especially since her persuasion about the CBCP is debatable. Unless her purpose is to gain points with the bishops’ votes?

Who appointed the questionably-elected vice president to spew out orders and demand obeisance from others; dictate what anybody should think or say? Considering that these others are far more intellectual, experienced, smarter, and a heck of a lot more experienced, with political know-how than she?

Through what talent, skill, authority did Leni assign herself the right to tell people accomplished in their fields, to do what she wants them to do, to think for them. Ano ba accomplishments niya before Jesse? Sino ba siya before Jesse Robledo?

Marcos has questioned Robredo’s victory before the PET of the Supreme Court, saying that he was robbed of some three million votes because of a cheating scheme allegedly masterminded by the previous administration. Marcos lost his vice presidential bid to Robredo by just 263,473 votes.

Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said that the claims of the Marcos camp “appear to be speculative in character, and are consistent with [Comelec] theory.”

Jimenez refused to explain the data appearing on the unused SD cards, citing the sub judice rule, because the case remains pending before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal of the Supreme Court. He also said it would be premature to interpret the alleged data found in the SD cards since the decryption process remains ongoing. “The most prudent course of action now is to await the result of the decrypting process.”


“I want to melt in shame...I am very offended, sorry that this crime happened and those involved are my people. If I have my way, I will kill you policemen involved. But I cannot do that.”

This was PNP chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa’s reaction to news that a Korean kidnapped and killed inside his Camp Crame. He was very offended with what happened to Hanjin executive Korean Jee Ick Joo, who was abducted in October last year.

One of the accused revealed that the businessman was strangled and killed inside the camp by officer Sta. Isabel. The PNP chief said he had to explain to South Korean officials what happened.

Like I wrote in my recent column, it is inevitable that there are a few criminals among the many good policemen. By the law of average, there will always be a few Ninja types among the 170,000 Filipino policemen. A few would be corrupt. These few would kidnap for ransom, kotong, murder. Even in religious schools, a few seminarians become criminal priests. In the PNP, they are weeded out, prosecuted, incarcerated.

PNP Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” de laRosa is as efficient, honest and hardworking as one can find anywhere around here. He cannot help it that a few bad apples got allowed into the PNP organization. These few Ninja cops were raised badly by somebody else with inferior values, other than the PNP.

Two or four or six criminal Ninja cops out of 170,000 righteous law enforcers cannot be blamed on De la Rosa. Those bad cops’ blood is not his blood. He did not give them their genes, cannot take responsibility for their conduct.