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Regarding the story, March 13, 2015, entitled: ‘Pork’ scam whistleblower: Legarda, Marcos, Sotto dealt with Napoles

Press Releases
13 March 2015

As I have repeatedly said before, I do not know Ms. Janet Lim-Napoles. I have never met her, spoken to her nor have I ever had any dealings with her. This fact has been confirmed by Ms. Napoles in her Affidavit dated May 12, 2014.

Every time a story appears linking me to Ms. Napoles and the alleged misuse of the PDAF, I end up issuing this same statement because it’s the truth.

For the nth time, I deny any and all allegations, insinuations, or even direct accusations that I transacted business with Ms. Napoles. I have neither misused nor misappropriated my PDAF allocations at any given time.

All my previous statements and comprehensive explanation pertaining to this issue are posted on my website, The sub-topic is “The Moment of Truth.