Labor Day Message

1 May 2014

As we celebrate Labor Day, let me thank all the Filipino workers whom I consider as the true and undisputed heroes of all time.

My heartfelt gratitude goes as well to our overseas Filipino workers whose sacrifices miles away from loved ones have been keeping our economy strong, especially in times when the world financial sector was experiencing uncertainty and hardship.

Indeed, our Filipino laborers, both here and abroad, have been a constant source of our country’s pride for their skills, diligence and honesty in their work, as well as their families’ shining hope, as their vow to provide a better future is unwavering.

The Filipino workers’ role and struggle at every turn of history cannot be ignored but, instead, can be widely recognized as an indispensable contribution to civilization.

As modernization changes the way of life, our Filipino workers likewise upgrade their skills to keep up with technologies that make labor less tiring. But even with the introduction of computers and modern equipment, the workers still play the most vital task in the workplace and their importance has not diminished.

With the ability to transform and the intelligence to adapt to changes, I convey my sincerest admiration and utmost congratulations to the working men and women of our country.

I am humbled by their tenacity and strong spirit; not just to give comfortable life and inspiring future to their families, but also to carve a bright horizon for the country.

Again, to all the Filipino workers whom we owe a lot for the things we are enjoying now as a result of their toil, I salute you all.


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