Killings in Mindanao is not Peace At All nor is It a Cease Fire—Sen. Bongbong

24 October 2011

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., chairman of the Senate committee on local government today said that the spate of killings in Mindanao that left 23 soldiers dead in the last 4 days is not the peace we seek.

“This is not peace at all nor is it a cease fire. They were atrocious attacks on our military. Whether as criminal acts or violations of the ceasefire, they must be made answerable for the deaths of our soldiers, swiftly and decisively,” Marcos said.

Marcos added that “we must also not forget that there is a wide distinction between the rebels that must answer to the killings of our soldiers and the rest of the Muslim community, our Muslim brothers, who seek peace as much as we do”.

“History has shown us that often times, unfortunately, peace is won in demonstrating that there is a heavy price to be paid by those that insist on war,” he noted.

“It would do well for the Commander in Chief to listen to his men on the ground and in the frontline at least as ardently and sympathetically as he listens to the leaders of the MILF” Marcos emphasized. “This is what Col. Parlade wanted to underscore and was willing to risk being relieved from his post if only to bring this to the attention of his superiors and perhaps more importantly, to the Filipinos to whom the military is duty bound to protect and serve,” he added