Kicker Daily News - Aglipayan Church pledges support for Marcos vice-presidential bid

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3 January 2016

By Paola Mira | Kicker Daily News

Kicker DailyThe headship of Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) has pledged their commitment to Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr.’s bid to become the Philippines’ next vice-president.

Before this announcement, Sen. Bongbong Marcos was invited by and met with top IFI officials headed by retired Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Edgardo Aglipay, grandson of Gregorio Aglipay; the founder of the Philippine Aglipayan Church.

Other top IFI leaders who expressed their support to Marcos were the following: Obispo Maximo XII Ephraim Fajutaga; Right Rev. Godofredo David, Diocese of Rizal and Pampanga; Right Rev. Joel Porlales, Diocese of Bataan and Bulacan; Right Rev. Emiliano Domingo, Diocese of Cavite and Right Rev. Dindo Ranojo, Diocese of Tarlac.

In a statement issued by Marcos, the IFI leaders “collectively prayed and wished him (Marcos) all the best in accomplishing all the plans he has for the good of the Filipino people.”

According to a story by Mario Casayuran of Manila Bulletin the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos was a member of the IFI before leaving the Church to marry Imelda Romualdez who belongs to a devout Roman Catholic family.

Speaking to IFI memberships, Marcos bemoaned “the culture of division and hate perpetuated by past and present leaders has kept Filipinos from working together towards the faster development of our nation.”

He said that instead of uniting the people, past administrations caused division and fighting among the people due to politics and their personal self-interests.

“Rather than telling Filipinos to help one another to improve the Philippines they are saying we are here and you are there because you are our enemies. This is the reason why despite the Filipino people’s innate goodness, capability and industry, the Philippines has lagged behind its Asian neighbors,’’ Marcos explained.

“Ito ay ginagawa lamang nang dahil sa pulitika, dahil sa sariling kapakanan, dahil sa sariling partido, dahil sa sariling pamilya, dahil sa sariling grupo. Imbes na sabihin na tayong mga Pilipino ay magtulung-tulong para sa pag-unlad ng Pilipinas ay sinasabing kami dito kami, dyan kayo kasi kalaban namin kayo,” he added.

[They are doing this because of politics, because of self-interest, because of their party, because of their family, because of their group. Instead of telling us Filipinos to help one another for the progress of the Philippines, they say that we are here and you are there because you are our enemy.]

In an article posted on the senator’s own website. Marcos also emphasized the necessity for future national leaders to lead by example.

Moreover, Marcos called on to his other candidates to put emphasis on issues and their answers to the country’s problems instead of concentrating on personalities.

“Now and during the campaign period, we candidates should present to the electorate discourses, speeches, and statements that are issue-based and in a dignified and decent manner,” Marcos stated.