Journal Online - Step up fight vs poverty - Marcos

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22 July 2015

By Bernadette E. Tamayo | Journal Online

Featured-Image-Journal-OnlineDESPITE the drop in the number of hungry Filipino families during the second quarter of 2015, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. appealed to the government to maximize efforts to address hunger.

Marcos was referring to the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey which showed that the number of families that experienced involuntary hunger dropped to 12.7 percent in the second quarter, down from 13.5 percent in the first quarter.

But Marcos, member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food, said that 2.8 million hungry families is still a huge number that needs to be immediately addressed.

“I think the survey shows that the government has done quite a significant intervention to lessen the number of hungry families. But the remaining number is still big; 2.8 million is, still, 2.8 million families,” he said.

Marcos said the government should step up its anti-poverty programs to extricate more families from hunger and ask Congress to pass the needed legislative measures.

“We, the senators, and also the congressmen are more than willing to provide the needed anti-poverty laws that give jobs and livelihood, send children to school, improve health care, provide decent shelters, and other pro-poor measures,” he said.

Marcos has asked the Aquino administration to submit to Congress a list of legislative priorities intended to eradicate poverty and expand social services.