Journal Online - Robredo’s vote count exceeds actual voters

18 April 2018

By Hector Lawas | Journal Online

RESULTS of the ongoing Presidential Electoral Tribunal manual recount showed that Leni Robredo’s vote count exceeded the number of actual voters, a proof that she, indeed, cheated her way to the vice presidency, said a reliable PET insider yesterday.

The PET insider said tension rose Tuesday when revisors from both the camps of former Senator Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo clashed over the move of the latter to claim excess ballots shaded for Robredo despite the fact that her votes had exceeded the number of votes cast.

“The revisors of Marcos of course opposed the moves because they are excess ballots or stray ballots. The fact that these ballots were shaded for Robredo and are proof of pre-shading is bad enough, but for the revisors of Robredo to claim the same is really preposterous,” the insider said.

He said revisors continued to discover excess or unused ballots that were shaded for Robredo from the clustered precincts in the towns in Camarines Sur being revised.

“Nung binuksan 2 boxes ng Buhi, nag-segregate ng votes for the parties (Marcos, Robredo, others, stray), ‘yung votes pa lang ni Leni sobra na sa number of voters who actually voted in these precincts. Meaning, either ginamit excess ballots or nag-pre shade ng mga ballots at fed sa VCM without considering that ‘yung boboto na mga voters sa presinto ay hndi ganun kadami,” the insider added.

Moreover, he claimed votes in the election results also did not match the physical count of the ballots.

He asserted that Robredo’s votes exceeded the number of voters who voted.

The insider also said the pre-shaded ballots and disparity in the ERs and the physical count had been observed since the beginning of the recount, but it came to a head Tuesday when Robredo’s revisors started to claim even those excess ballots that had been shaded for Robredo.

As a result, the revision of the affected precincts did not push through and the votes were set aside until the PET decides to do otherwise.

The PET insider also disclosed that some Head Revisors (HRs) hired by the PET had advised the revisors of both parties to reconcile the disparity in the election returns and the physical count.

“Pinagsabihan sila na dapat ibangga or reconcile ‘yung mga hindi pare-parehong figures. This is highly irregular and disturbing because revisors are not supposed to reconcile the figures but to find out if the results in the ER match with the physical count,” an insider said.

The HRs also reportedly told the revisors not to include the number of undervotes and overvotes in the recount for no apparent reason.

“This is unacceptable because all the entries in the ballots and ballot boxes with respect to the VP election protest should be reported and put on record,” the insider said.

In a related development, insiders revealed revisors found ballot boxes from Ocampo, Camarines Sur, wet and the ballots inside already unreadable.

Worse, according to them, the ballot boxes were reeking possibly of gasoline or another flammable substance.

They claimed unscrupulous individuals may have tried to set some of the ballot boxes on fire.

“First ballot boxes opened, ballots are again wet and unreadable. Definitely not water. Smells like chemical,” another source said when sought for confirmation.

This wasn’t the first time wet ballot boxes were found in Camarines Sur, Robredo’s stronghold.

Wet ballot boxes were also found by PET in the towns of Baao, Bato, and Naga City.