Journal Online - Message of unity to Marcos detractors

24 February 2016

Journal OnlineStatement of Rep. Jonathan Dela Cruz, Campaign Manager of Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr., on anti-Marcos campaign initiatives:

WHAT the country needs now more than ever is for our people to unite and work together for the national interest. Thirty years after EDSA, ever rising poverty is the fate of majority of our people, criminality and illegal drugs stalk the land, sustainable employment remains a dream for many of us, basic services are wanting in many areas and our main infrastructure works from power to railways to ports and airports are creaking.  Divisiveness has become the staple of our political life rending our common efforts towards peace and stability asunder.

It is quite unfortunate that in the face of all these challenges to our very life and growth as a nation in an increasingly conflicted world, some groups chose to focus on the candidacy of Senator Ferdinand  "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr.

These groups have chosen to do the battles of the past which, by the way, the Marcoses have left to the processes under the 1987 Constitution and the judgment of history.

Instead of moving forward to face up to the pressing challenges now bedeviling the nation they are again leading our people towards the precipice of divisiveness and hopelessness. Instead of focusing on the problems now before us and which, if left unresolved, will hound and hobble our future generations, they have chosen to demonize Senator Marcos and those who have sacrificed to keep the nation whole.

Indeed, for thirty years we have been dragged down by an unbalanced and certainly prejudiced mindset of certain groups whose claim to power remains stridently anti-Marcos. We should not allow the shadows of the past darken the doorstep to a promising future of peace, unity and prosperity for our people. We should not let the prejudices of the past hold back our moving forward as a people dedicated to a better future for all.

As Pope Francis has said: “Let us allow the Risen Christ in our lives and leave behind our selfishness, indifference and closed attitude to others..” May God Bless Our Country and Lead Us to a Better Life For All.