Journal Online - Leni’s camp dishonors pet –– BBM

4 February 2018

By Journal Online

For saying ballot images fabricated

“THE soft copy of ballot images showing a clear manipulation of votes which favored 2016 vice presidential bet Leni Robredo were official documents which the Supreme Court justices, sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal, has furnished the camp of former Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr.,” said lawyer Victor Rodriguez, the senator’s spokesman.

Rodriguez was reacting to the allegation of Robredo’scamp, headed by lawyer Romulo Macalintal, that the pieces of election fraud evidence leaked by Marcos to members of the media in last Monday’s briefing were “mere fabrications.”

Rodriguez said the PET has started the decryption of ballots in three pilot provinces identified by the Marcos camp as election fraud areas where massive cheating allegedly occurred, “and the soft copies of the decrypted ballots from Camarines Sur and Negros Oriental that the senator gave to the reporters were the same official copies given to us by the PET.”

For his part, Marcos said “Mrs. Robredo and her lawyers have dishonored the Supreme Court justices for mouthing in public that the soft copies of ballot images furnished us by the PET are mere fabrications.”

“Perhaps Robredo’s camp are still at a loss on how to counter the damning evidence presented by our legal team to the media, particularly those mysterious square found beside her name, instead of the oval print encrypted in the official ballots for voters to shade in actual polling,” stressed the former senator.

“Kaya nila sinasabi na gawa-gawa lang namin ang ebidensiya kasi natumbok ng PET ang isa sa mga pamamaraan ng pandaraya na maaaring siyang nasa likod ng dagdag-bawas ng botohan sa pagka-bisepresidente nung 2016 at wala na silang maapuhap na tugon kundi sabihing fabricated ang dokumento na galling sa PET,” said Marcos.

The senator called on Robredo and her legal team not to dishonor the Tribunal with a desperate claim, reminding them not to confuse the election protest with baseless and pathetic innuendos and to always be respectful of the Court.

“It would be best if Robredo and her lawyers provide a credible and direct answer to what have been uncovered during the decryption by the PET, like the mysterious presence of square marks beside her name in the ballot images and the ‘under votes’ and over votes’ which had been anomalously credited to her vote count,” Marcos added.

On Wednesday last week, Robredo’s camp claimed that the Supreme Court was the source of the fake, manufactured and tampered soft copy containing the ballot images from the provinces of Camarines Sur and Negros Oriental stemmed from the press briefing held last Monday where Marcos presented the printed ballot images showing the presence of squares enclosing the voters' shaded marks which he claimed to be a violation of the law and jurisprudence mandating that ballot images should be a faithful and authentic representation of the actual ballot.