Journal Online - ‘Leni distrusts pet revisors’

8 April 2018

By Hector Lawas | Journal Online

Wants to change the rule after the game – lawyer

“PROBABLY consumed by an intense feeling of insecurities, Leni Robredo petitioned the Presidential Electoral Tribunal over the weekend to stop what she personally believed to be a systematic decrease of her votes tally during Week One of the vice presidential poll recount,” said Atty. Victor Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, spokesman of former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, said the petition of Mrs. Robredo is tantamount to casting doubt on or lack of trust in the integrity of the PET revisors who were tasked and are now in the second week of examining the ballots coming from Camarines Sur.

Robredo's motion before PET has no legal basis, according to Rodriguez, and could only be compelled by fear that the Supreme Court and the Filipino people will finally uncover the massive election fraud which paved the way for her to be elected as the country's Vice President.

He said: “Nais ni Ginang Robredo na gawing 25% na lang, at hindi 50% na siyang basehan ng PET revisors, ang kapal o ang naabot ng marka o ‘shade’ ng oval sa balota na nasa tabi ng pangalan ng kandidato bago ito mapabilang sa kanyang boto.”

“Mrs. Robredo wants to change the rule after the game,” said Rodriguez who further explained that after sensing an imminent defeat in this electoral protest, she filed a petition asking PET authorities to change some electoral revision rules.

In related news, the first week of ballot revisions revealed proofs were uncovered by PET regarding the allegations of the Marcos camp that there was massive fraud involved in the considered bailiwick of Mrs. Robredo.

“Massive tampering of votes through pre-shaded ballots for Leni and undervotes and votes' padding in her favor using excess ballots seemed not enough for their electronic dagdag-bawas, that's why wet ballots surfaced during the revisions which were obviously intended to delete fraud traces,” added Rodriguez.

Rodriguez added that in Camarines Sur alone, one of three pilot provinces covered by the initial phase of the revision, thousands of votes could possibly be taken away from Robredo’s total of 263,000 lead over Marcos.

Last Friday, on the last day of Week One of recount, revisors found several clustered precincts that had more ballots than actual voters that were transmitted and counted for Robredo.

“There was a precinct in Bato in Camarines Sur that registered the number of those who actually voted at 348 but the number of valid votes found for revision was 376 or an excess of 28 votes in one precinct alone. How did that happen? Where did the 28 votes come from?” the PET insider said.

Wet ballots in Naga

More questionable ballot boxes have been found in Camarines Sur, this time right in the hometown of Vice President Robredo in Naga City.

Rodriguez, Marcos’ spokesman, divulged that just like the towns of Bato and Baao, wet ballot boxes were discovered in the City of Naga.

Rodriguez stressed that this latest development in the ongoing recount of votes in the 2016 vice presidential polls by the PET, only bolstered their claim of fraud and cheating.

Aside from wet ballot, shreds of cut grass were found inside the ballot boxes from Naga City.

“We are convinced that more evidence of fraud, ballot box tampering and vote padding are to come out validating our case that the 2016 election for Vice President is the worse in history,” he said in a statement on Sunday.

He said that these wet ballot boxes would clearly indicate that their integrity was already violated or compromised.

The Naga ballot boxes were opened last Friday by the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET), which also started a recount for the congressional election in the third district of the province to resolve the protest of losing candidate Luis Villafuerte against Rep. Gabriel Bordado.

After the revision at the HRET, the ballot boxes from Naga will be turned over to the PET for the revision of votes in the Marcos protest.