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Journal Online - Imelda marks 90th birthday

News & Interviews
1 July 2019

By Journal Online

THE Friends of Imelda Romualdez Marcos (FIRM) hosted a get together to commemorate the 90th birthday of former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

The celebration, which was held on Monday, July 1st, at the Rizal Park Open Air Auditorium in Luneta was attended by thousands of loyalists.

“We are very happy that Madame is pleased by what we have prepared for her today. Seeing her healthy and strong is an inspiration to us all. We wish her the best of health and hope that she’ll be given more years to be with us. Our support for her and the Marcos family remains solid. They can always rely on us,” said FIRM President Mr. Artemio Lachica.

FIRM, which was established in 1989, has more than 8 million members nationwide. The group gained prominence in the ‘80s for its Tree Planting projects along highways and main thoroughfares, as part of the First Lady’s beautification programs for the country.

The advance birthday celebration also coincided with the 3rd anniversary of the election protest filed by former Senator Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. on June 29, 2016.

“Three years have passed since my son filed his election protest for the post of Vice President. I hope the Supreme Court can resolve this soon. That will be my best birthday gift ever,” Mrs. Marcos said.

Also in the event were former Senator Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. together with his two sons, Sandro and Simon.

“I believe we were able to provide clear and convincing evidence of the rampant cheating that went on in the May 2016 elections. Unless the system is changed, Smartmatic will continue to fool the people. Comelec should listen to the complaints of the voting public. That’s what they’re there for,” the young Marcos said.

According to Larry Gadon, who was also present during the event, “the Supreme Court should resolve the VP protest promptly and with finality. Three years is too long a time to wait. Unless we have closure, the yellows will continue with their efforts to destabilize the Duterte administration.”