People's Journal - Honor Marcos -- solons

18 October 2011

By Ryan Ponce Pacpaco | Journal Online

Featured-Image-Journal-OnlineAN opposition lawmaker yesterday expressed hope that President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino would reconsider his decision to reject a state burial for President Ferdinand Marcos for the sake of national reconciliation.

“While it is the President’s decision that will ultimately prevail, we remain hopeful that he will rethink his position and agree to a state burial for former President Marcos for the sake of national unity,” said Rep. Rodolfo Albano.

Earlier, Sorsogon Rep. Salvador Escudero III, a Marcos loyalist and a former minister of the defunct Ministry of Agriculture, has declared that they would remain steadfast in seeking state honors for the late President when his family decides to bury him.

However, Escudero was quick in saying that they respect the decision of President Aquino.

Albano said a lot of things can happen between now and 2016 that could change the heart of the President.

“Knowing the President to be a discerning and compassionate individual, we remain optimistic that he will opt to re-study the issue and ultimately reconsider his position. He should not be pressured or compelled into making a hasty judgment on the matter,” said Albano.

Albano stressed, however, that he will accept and respect whatever the final decision of the President will be on the matter.

“We will accept and respect whatever it will be. After all, it is the Chief Executive who has the final say on the issue,” said Albano.

Albano said he formalized his support for the state burial of former President Marcos by co-authoring, along with 213 members of the House of Representatives, House Resolution 1135 urging the administration of President Aquino to allow the burial of the remains of President Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The resolution, principally authored by Escudero, cites that Marcos, who served his country in the best way he knew how, remained a Filipino patriot to the end of his life and in death deserves to be honored as such.

“As stated in the resolution we filed last March 23, 2011, we believe the burial of former President Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani will not only be a recognition of the way he led a life as a Filipino patriot but will also be a magnanimous act of reconciliation which will strengthen the bonds of solidarity among the Filipino people,” said Albano.