Journal Online - Ballot images don’t lie –– BBM

29 January 2018

By Hector Lawas | Journal Online 

THE camp of former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. yesterday claimed that it has uncovered evidence of massive cheating during the 2016 elections that favored his opponent Vice President Leonor Robredo.

In a press conference, Marcos presented to the media photocopies of “shocking” and “highly questionable printed ballot images from the decrypted Secure Digital (SD) cards from the provinces of Camarines Sur and Negros Oriental, which formed part of the pilot provinces in his election protest currently pending before the Supreme Court (SC), sitting as the Presidential Election Tribunal (PET).

Marcos noted the presence of square shapes in the ballot images instead of the oval shapes which voters shaded for their choice of candidates.

“How come in the 2016 elections, there are squares? The ovals are now missing. Comelec should explain this,” Marcos stated.

Marcos also noted that the ballot images were printed three months ago and it was only recently that the PET allowed his camp to get the soft copies.

“Now we know why, this is precisely the reason why because they knew we would uncover how they had manipulated the voting and trampled upon the true will of the people on their choice for vice president,” he claimed.

Marcos said copies of ballot images from Camarines Sur and Negros Oriental would show that votes for him were not counted and considered undervotes.

But in some ballot images, even though two or more candidates were shaded in the vice presidential race, the votes still went for his opponent.

Marcos’ lawyer Vice Rodriguez disclosed that their technical and legal team discovered the “shocking and disturbing” discrepancies in the “hundreds upon hundreds” of decrypted ballot images in Camarines Sur and Negros Oriental which they were able to review in the last seven days.