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20 December 2015

Journal Online

Featured-Image-Journal-Online.jpgA chicken in every pot or an alumahan for everyone?

It doesn’t matter.

What is important is that the family has something, anything to feast on during the traditional noche buena dinner.

After all, fellowship and sharing are the essence and spirit of Christmas.

Indeed, such celebration can be austere, simple, Spartan.

And so we agree with and share the holiday sentiments of a lawmaker.

Food on the table and a complete family on Christmas Eve are what Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. is wishing for.

“Nothing is more joyful for every Filipino family than to be complete and eating together during the Noche Buena. This is what a fulfilling Christmas is and this is my wish for all of us,” Marcos said in a statement.

At the same time, Marcos has urged the government and the business sector to help fulfill in every home the Noche Buena tradition this Christmas by keeping the prices of food products commonly served during the midnight feast within reach of the consumers.

He also called on the Department of Transportation and Communications to make sure that the Metro Rail Transit and Light Rail Transit are operating properly without any trouble so that their passengers will be able to get home in time for the Noche Buena.

“Pamasko na lang sana ito sa ating mga kababayan na maging abot-kaya ang mga panghanda sa Noche Buena. Saka siguruhin na rin sana na iyong MRT at LRT ay walang aberya para ang mga pasahero ay makauwi nang maaga at makapagsalu-salo nang buo ang bawat pamilya sa Noche Buena,” Msrcos concluded.

Such minimum holiday wish is a powerful, painful assessment of the tail end of this exiting administration.

It is a socio-economic snapshot of life under the Tuwid na Daan, the supposedly guiding principle of President Aquino.

That principle is supposed to achieve an Inclusive Growth, a regime under which also citizens benefit from socio-economic progress.

Quite tragically the multitude of people is being left behind by the way side.

A merry, marginal Christmas, anyone?