Journal News Online : Give BBM a chance

By People's Tonight | Journal News Online

THE Filipino people, including critics, would do well to give presumptive President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. a “chance” to fulfill his election campaign promises.

Mending fences with the political opposition and other critics is not that easy, but ironing out our differences is, without doubt, a must after the May 9 national and local polls.

In the view of many Filipinos, including the ordinary citizens across the country, everybody should contribute to the resolution of the various problems confronting the country.

After intense consultations and serious dialogues, let’s all act in unison, extending a helping hand to the new Chief Executive, who is set to assume office at 12 noon Thursday (June 30).

With his wealth of experience as a government official, professional acumen and grasp of key national issues, BBM, as he is fondly called by supporters, is capable of uniting the people.

His valued friends, close associates and advisers may have to come up with ways and means to convince even critics to support government programs aimed at addressing the nation’s problems.

It is heartening to know that no less than the president of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) has urged the people to give BBM a chance for the sake of economic growth.

A respected business leader, ECOP President Sergio Ortiz-Luis Jr. said: “As far as business is concerned, we remain a willing government partner as engines of positive change and growth.”

Ortiz-Luis added: “We do not expect the incoming public officials to solve all our problems even in six years.”

And we share the view of the top business leader that there’s that urgent need to continue building on the strong fundamentals and gains of the outgoing Duterte administration.