Journal News Online : Enhanced RP-China ties seen under BBM gov’t

By Cristina Lee-Pisco | Journal News Online

CHINESE President Xi Jinping is hoping that China and the Philippines, under the presidency of presumptive President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., could write a “grand story” on the two countries’ friendship in the new era and follow through with the blueprint for bilateral friendly cooperation.

In a phone conversation on Wednesday morning, Xi discussed the bilateral ties and regional development between Manila and Beijing with Marcos.

Xi again congratulated Marcos on his election as the President of the Philippines.

Calling Marcos a builder, supporter, and promoter of the China-Philippines friendship, Xi noted that Marcos has participated in and witnessed the development of China-Philippines relations.

Citing a Philippine saying “If you do not know where you have come from, you cannot go far,” Xi urged both countries to carry forward the friendship of the two sides and stay true to their original aspiration.

The Chinese president added the two countries should further strengthen their relationship for an even brighter future. By Cristina Lee-Pisco