Journal News Online : Duterte: BBM-Sara will always be one team

26 February 2022

By Ryan Ponce Pacpaco | Journal News Online

VICE presidential candidate Inday Sara Duterte reiterated her unwavering loyalty to Marcos on Thursday, thereby expunging any remaining hope of another presidential wannabe with apparent scheme to snatch some numbers from the formidable BBM-Sara tandem by deceptively pairing himself as her presidential candidate.
On her Facebook post while on break with presidential candidate Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. during the UniTeam’s Bacolod/Negros Occidental campaign sortie on Thursday, Inday Sara said, “Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte will always be one team.”

The Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (CMD) said, “We stand firm in unity along with the entire senatorial slate of the UniTeam.”

“We stand undivided and shall remain strong despite the proclamation of other tandems that single out either Marcos or Duterte as a candidate.”

Recently, aside from the proliferation of tarpaulins making people believe that there is such a thing as an Isko-Sara tandem, Presidential candidate Isko Moreno even showed himself campaigning aboard a vehicle which sported a sticker that says “Isko-Sara.”

Meanwhile, Moreno’s vice presidential bet Dr. Willie Ong expressed dismay and hurt on being dumped by the Manila mayor.

“Syempre na-hurt ako ‘di ba? Masakit ‘yun,” he said in a media interview.

According to Lakas-CMD, the Marcos-Duterte UniTeam remains the duo to beat as consistently shown by all the national surveys, even citing the latest mega-survey conducted by Laylo Research where they received gargantuan numbers compared to the scores gained by the other presidential and vice presidential candidates.

“An affirmation of the Marcos-Duterte UniTeam is the Jan 10-26 survey with a sample size of 15,450 lifted from the Laylo Report that shows BBM taking 64 percent share and Sara taking 60 percent of the respondents. Our good showing in the surveys, however, would not lull us into complacency. Instead, we will be relentless in our efforts to reach more and more Filipinos in the coming days — with the message of unity that we believe is of utmost importance to achieve what we have been dreaming for the Filipinos and our great country,” Lakas-CMD added.

Lakas-CMD also expressed gratitude to the outpouring of support the BBM-Sara tandem was receiving from the vast majority of Filipinos all over the country, tens of thousands even gracing or joining the UniTeam caravans and rallies.