Journal News Online : BBM camp: Respect judicial bodies

12 February 2022

By Ryan Ponce Pacpaco | Journal News Online

RESPECT our judicial and quasi-judicial bodies.

This was the response of Atty. Vic Rodriguez, chief of staff and spokesperson
of presidential candidate Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos, to the statement of CARMMA, one of the petitioners in the Marcos disqualification case, “that by allowing BBM to run as president, Comelec commissioners have sided with brazen lies and the crimes of Marcoses.”

Rodriguez was also responding to Akbayan which insisted that anyone who is convicted of tax evasion is perpetually disqualified from running for public office under the law.

Rodriguez’s statement reads:

“I call on CARMMA and other petitioners to show love of country by respecting our judicial and quasi-judicial bodies.

It is on record and in the decision of both the 1st and 2nd Division of the Commission on Elections that petitioners Fr. Buenafe, Fides Lim, Ilagan, Akbayan, Etta Rosales were the ones found lying not once, not twice but many times.

The Comelec took the occasion to state that petitioners deliberately cited an inapplicable provision to mislead and confuse the First Division and reminded them to refrain from quoting wrong provision of the law just to fit their narrative.

On the petitioners’ pestering that BBM is guilty of tax evasion, I am urging them to revisit the unanimous ruling of the Comelec 2nd Division where it categorically stated that Marcos, Jr. was acquitted of the non-payment of tax deficiency charges and was only meted a penalty for non-filing of his ITRs for years 1982-1985.”