Isabela Supports Bongbong Marcos

25 March 2010

ISABELA – Santiago City administrator Danilo Vergara on Wednesday assured Bongbong of the support of the residents here in his senatorial bid.

He noted that the late president Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. jumpstarted the development in their province during his tenure.

“We will not forget what President Marcos has done for us,” Vergara said. “This will be the time for us to return the favor.”

Magat dam was constructed during the Marcos regime and was part of the strategic plan to ensure a steady supply of electricity in the Luzon grid.

Bongbong met with the barangay captains of Isabela at the Santiago City Hall. He urged them to be vigilant in the coming national elections.

There are some sectors floating the idea of a military junta in the case of failure of election.

“We should not let a failure of election happen,” Bongbong said. “Those who are plotting ways to sabotage the election should back off.”