InterAksyon - Bongbong Marcos in the dark about 'Kilusang Bagong Liwanag' endorsement

6 August 2013

By Ernie Reyes | InterAksyon

InterAksyon-TV5MANILA, Philippines – Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is apparently bent on keeping people guessing about his plans in the 2016 presidential elections in 2016, even as he assured supporters he is not leaving politics that year. He is puzzled by a new group endorsing him, with the KBL acronym.

"In 2016, I will be a candidate. I intend to be involved in 2016. I will be a candidate,” Marcos said without elaborating. Marcos said he does not wish to specify the position he will seek in 2016 since “there are many things and plans to do.”

"Kayo naman, ilang beses ko ba kailangang ulitin etong ganitong usapan e malayo pa tayo sa 2016. Marami pang gagawin. Marami ngang plano. Ganito, in 2016 I’ll be a candidate but what for, tinitingnan pa natin,” Marcos said.

The issue was raised Tuesday after a previously unheard of organization called Kilusang Bagong Liwanag (KBL), allegedly headed by Atty. Oliver Lozano, expressed support for Marcos’ presidential run in a letter sent to his mother, Ilocos Sur Rep. Imelda Marcos, and distributed to Senate media. Lozano was an official of Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL), the party monolith set up by his late father, during his nearly two-decade regime, including 14 years of one-man rule.

The younger Marcos said he does not know “what his [Lozano's] status is now. I think he was an officer before. But as you know I am affiliated now with the Nacionalista Party. So I don’t know …this is the first time I’ve seen it although this Atty. Lozano is known to me, but the others I don’t know…"

Senator Marcos was quizzical about the new KBL of Lozano: "Kilusang Bagong Liwanag? KBL is not Kilusang Bagong Liwanag. That’s new to me, I’ve never heard of Kilusang Bagong Liwanag before so I don’t know if they’ve changed the name of the party.”

The Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) was formed in the early 70s by Marcos’s father, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, to be the political arm of the military-backed regime that was overthrown by the EDSA People Power revolt in February 1986.

"I don’t know what this (Lozano letter) is. I don’t know what this is supposed to be, because it looks like a letter to my mother but they gave you copies so it's like a press release. If it was supposed to be a private letter why was it distributed? If a press release, why was it addressed to my mother? So it’s a bit confusing. I only saw this now,” the young Marcos said.

The Lozano group's six-page manifesto given out at the Senate press office stated that Senator Marcos should run in 2016 against the reported presidential bid of two other prominent leaders: Vice President Jejomar Binay and Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas II.

"I don't know what's behind this, whether I'm being set up or what. I haven't said anything yet, I'm already being attacked in some quarters; what more with this one---maybe I'll come under further attack," he said.