- Netizen lambasts Leni supporter's #LeaveOurShadesAlone campaign with one hilarious post


After Vice President Leni Robredo pleaded to the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) to consider a 25 percent shading threshold, her supporters launched a hashtag aimed at the Supreme Court.

#LeaveOurShadesAlone trended on social media sites after the incumbent vice president’s supporters including singer and songwriter Jim Paredes started using it.  Supporters were encouraged to use the hashtag and upload a picture of them wearing a pair of shades — as a protest.

However, pop culture blogger Senyora mocked Paredes’ post and poked fun at the idea, saying that it is silly to be wearing an eyewear with only 25 percent of the shade on it.  The blogger, which was named after a hit 90s Mexican telenovela antagonist, also noted that the Robredo supporters were actually wearing their eyewear —with a hundred percent shade on.

Senyora's Facebook post

A shading threshold is the allowed amount of shade inside the oval located adjacent to a candidate’s name in the ballot used for automated elections. PET set the shading threshold to 50 percent, as it was in the 2010 National Elections.

Robredo’s camp worries that voters might be disenfranchised if PET does not allow their proposal.

Senyora added “shade,” by quoting the popular election jingle “Itiman ang Itlog”, which was aimed at educating voters on how to properly shade their ballots. She added that ‘it is really difficult to shade excess ballots when in a rush.

Senyora’s post was “liked” by more than 12,000 netizens and shared 2,486 times, compared to Paredes’ post that gathered 858 likes and 404 shares.