Imeldifique Cooking Wine Launch

Press Releases
1 December 2015

Ilocos Norte 2nd District Congresswoman Imelda Marcos, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos and Senator Bongbong Marcos will be attending the launch tonight by Destileria Limtuaco Co., Inc. (DLCI), of the “Imeldifique Cooking Wine” produced in collaboration with the provincial government of Ilocos Norte at Victorino's in Quezon City.

Gov. Imee Marcos approached DLCI‘s Olivia Limpe-Aw during the International Food Exhibition (IFEX) 2015 after spotting the company’s product, Vigan Basi, and asked if Olivia could also come up with a product for Ilocos Norte.

Olivia considered it and formulated a cooking wine idea using sorghum spirit as a base. Sorghum is endemic to the region and is also distilled into what is known in China as Baijiu (Kaoliang Jiu in Taiwan). She then infused the spirit with native Ilocano garlic, onions and salt to get our Philippine ginisa or sauté flavor that we love. Imeldifique will be the first cooking wine from the north incorporating distinct Ilocano flavors.

Ilocos Norte is known for producing condiments such as garlic, onions and salt all of which are used in making the special Ilocano cooking wine.

The wine can be used to marinate meats and sauté in oil, bake or fry. It can also be added to stews for an instant natural sautéed flavor and aroma. It is also best used for marinating seafood to remove any fishy odor.

Imeldifique will soon be available in leading supermarkets and specialty stores like SM Kultura. DLCI is a leader in the Philippine liquor industry with 163 years of blending and distilling expertise.